• Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film is a visual delight and thoroughly entertaining fare, courtesy the epic performance by Ranveer Singh. It talks about Rajput pride and there is nothing that will offend anyone. At least, I couldn’t find anything that can be termed offensive in anyway. And there is no dream sequence between Khilji and Padmavati.

  • If you like realistic cinema with some fine writing and kickass performances, Mukkabaaz will not disappoint you a bit. The biggest takeaway is that it is a courageous film that does not shy away from calling a spade a spade. Anurag Kashyap holds together the elements with finesse appealing to all cinema lovers.

  • Firangi is a clean film but too dull and sluggish. Even Kapil Sharma cannot save the period drama though he is in decent form. We really want to see more of him on every medium but Firangi is a disservice to him.

  • Daddy is complete cinema engaging various aspects of film-making with finesse. However, the story might not resonate with the masses due to the low emotional quotient. Watch it for the good performances and stunning look into Mumbai’s bygone eras. And it will be more enjoyable if you read up a bit on Arun Gawli and head to the theatres…

  • Yes, the humour may not match up to your expectations and it may seem a little too preachy. But if you are in the company of a young kiddo, you wouldn’t have much problem with it. It’s totally meant for kids.

  • The film has its fair share of drawbacks and rides mostly on the performances of its lead cast especially Raveena Tandon and Madhur Mittal’s. Despite being a bumpy ride, film somehow sails through as it gives the culprits involved the poetic justice and you as a viewer and part of Vidya
    s journey, a satisfaction. Watch it for its performances and the story.

  • Resurrection is a super-charged, stylishly packed action thriller that is mechanical and exhaustively perfunctory with a cliched “assassin” tale.

  • This quirky-going-into-corny-going-into-horny film sets out to be Federico Fellini’s Amarcord, but ends up American Pie without the pie.

  • “Furious 7″ is a high octane, over-the-top, adventure caper, that is frivolous in nature. It definitely caters to its fans’ expectations.

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