• … there are some good moments too but sadly they are few! The theme of the wedding sequence towards the end will actually make you laugh! Based on contrived circumstances, this script is deeply flawed.

  • … is a typical Salman Khan film, where emotions outdo reality. Nonetheless, it’s an entertainer which you wouldn’t like to miss. Watch it for the Bajrangi-Munni bond and Nawazuddin’s mind-blowing performance.

  • …is a wonderful family film, which will certainly make you wear a broad smile.

  • If you would like to see different kind of cinema and are a fan of Nawazuddin, then ‘Badlapur’ isn’t something that you can afford to miss. Varun too will surprise you with his mature performance.

    Do grab a ticket this weekend to head to ‘Badlapur’.

  • Movie-goers expect to get entertained while watching a movie. Alas, ‘Action Jackson’ doesn’t even have an iota of entertainment quotient. Watch the movie only if you are an Ajay Devgn Fan!

  • Overall, ‘Bang Bang’ is a complete let down. The film has nothing really to offer expect some breath-taking action sequences and a sizzling hot chemistry between Hrithik and Katrina.

    Watch the film only if you are a fan of either of the two actors!

  • …is fun-filled because it’s all about looking for what you need, what you want. It helps you find humour even in grief. But in the end, it’s all about finding love.

    Wonder why? Grab your ticket to know why and see if you too can join the crazy five in their mission to ‘Find Fanny’.

  • They do succeed in sending out a message strong and loud enough- to treat animals with respect and love. If you like watching clean films and wish to take your family along for a movie, then ‘Entertainment’ best suits your requirement.

  • The film isn’t a complete dud. It has a few good moments scattered sporadically. But had they been in order, ‘O Teri’ with a great concept, could have been a much better product.

  • …may not be a typical film meant to taste success at the Box Office. The film does speak about issues that need urgent attention, but may not be enough to draw people to the theatres. But Juhi Chawla’s performance in the film isn’t worth a miss. So watch it for her.

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