• Overall, with aggressive pacing, the film is well-researched and potent in nature. But with the timing of its release and the undertones in its messaging, this film appears to be a propaganda film that neither ignites any patriotic fervour nor journalistic appeal.

  • Some of the sequences are unexpectedly heartwarming. But I wish the film could have avoided the cliched depiction of Pakistan with paper green flags strung on threads across streets. Pakistan, as we all know, is a state of mind created to infuse an unreal level of patriotism in Indians. Given that volatile situation, ‘RAW’ reveals a remarkable restrain.

  • Romeo Akbar Walter is a contrived espionage drama. At one stage, the film appears to be a documentary telling us about the birth of Bangladesh

  • A massive letdown from the Get Out director…Could have been much more!

  • This film a below mediocre fare that will appeal to animal lovers.

  • This fantasy adventure film, with all the trappings of a typical Disney fare, is the story of a baby elephant, who uses his extra-large ears to fly.

  • Overall, while the story is a bit of a disappointment, you’d be blown away by the film’s technical brilliance.

  • At the end Sujoy Ghosh captures two vital faces staring out of a window. They remind us of how important characterisation is to a tightly-wound plot, and how easily a suspense drama can come undone in the wrong hands.

    Not this one.

  • Luka Chuppi works for the lead pair. Kartik Aryan is endearingly guileless while Kriti Sanon is more worldly-wise. Together the couple is a scream

  • Total Dhamaal is a total time-pass film sans any intelligence. You could term it as an acceptable good grade from a below average student

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