• Lucknow Central packs some interesting performances, especially from the supporting cast.

  • A slicker second half and more insight into Gawli’s transition would have made Daddy a more engaging watch. However Daddy is a realistic movie, watch it if you are a big Arjun Rampal fan. 

  • High on machoism and low on logic or reason, Baadshaho unfortunately remains a BAD SHOW.

  • A Gentleman is a gentle reminder of all other exciting things one can do this weekend, like bury your face in your bed and sleep.

  • Bareilly Ki Barfi is a delicious film brilliantly narrated in Javed Akhtar’s voice. If you are not doing anything this weekend, go watch it. If you are already engaged, please cancel your engagements and go and watch it.

  • Toilet: Ek Prem Katha might have sounded great on paper, but loses impact in its telling. The film gets way too loopy and indulgent that I actually heard someone say ‘What crap man!’ aptly summing up a film called Toilet.

  • Dear Nawaz, you don’t need to prove you are a great actor. You just need to choose wise buddy.
    After this ordeal, I want to bleach my eyes, my system with some good movies.

  • Despite all my empathy towards victims, a small part of me debated if taking law into your hands is the right thing to do or even promote, in a film. The minor boy who rapes his classmate is also raped in jail. Isn’t that tragic too? But Mom is not Pink. It’s not a commentary on society’s patriarchal mindset or on an immediate need of gender equality. It is an emotional story of a mother getting even with a bunch of criminals.

  • Minus the melodrama and manipulation, the film effectively deals with the theme of faith, love and tolerance and it means so much, especially when it comes from the most loved star in the country.  

  • A Death In The Gunj is one of the most sensitive films ever made. It made me think about my childhood and my family. It makes you look around and see if you have deserted a loved one, especially when someone tried to reach out to you in their vulnerable times. I felt a knot in my stomach, fought tears as I walked to the parking lot, couldn’t sleep for next two nights and made sure I checked on my family and friends regularly. 
    I don’t think I can ever say it enough, but please watch the movie whenever you get an opportunity; on the internet, on a plane or most deservedly on the big screen. 

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