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Golmaal Again

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A story based on 4 friends who always stuck in some trouble and everything is solved in a funny way.Wikipedia

Golmaal Again Reviews


Logic indeed is in short supply here, and frankly the real magic the filmmakers conjure up is the ability to keep this franchise on the road for all these years with such minimal creative investment. Golmaal 5..? Wanna bet it’s on the way?

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


Tabul is an unexpected pleasure, and lifts Golmaal Again. This a series which looks like it’s never going to end, and Shetty has the formula pat after all these iterations. I do hope Tabu becomes a fixture in the future Golmaals.

Sweta Kaushal
Hindustan Times


Rohit has used his trademark slapstick comedy sparsely and mainly relies on the supernatural elements to make things look funny.

Reviewer Profile
Deccan Chronicle


...because the writing suffers and barring a few moments, there aren’t too many scenes that stand out, the 151-minute film is cranked out as a generic mash up of some of the scenes from the earlier films of the series. Still, I found the film being played out to pleased squeals at the theatre with some even rolling with laughter.

Some of the jokes soar, some nosedive.But to the housefull theatre I saw it in, and who laughed at every single bit, it's the stuff Diwali releases are made of.  

Meena Iyer
Times Of India


If you are looking for substance, then this one has no logic, only magic. But, if you're looking to just laugh and be merry, Golmaal will again do the trick.

...this film stays clear of sexist jokes, toilet humour and making fun of the disabled. For that alone, “Golmaal Again” is one up on its earlier iterations.

Sarita Tanwar
DNA India


It’s Diwali and for all Golmaal fans, there couldn’t be a bigger celebration than this. Despite its flaws, Golmaal Again will bring in the smiles.

Suhani Singh
India Today


In Golmaal Again, director Rohit Shetty takes pains to have a story even though the goal is the same: to laugh at all costs and here is our movie review.

Go for it! It’s Diwali and some laughs here and there has never harmed anybody. Keep your expectations limited as Golmaal 3 was on another level. This neither will disappoint you nor will live up to your hopes if they’re sky high.

The sets look fancy and the production is slick but it just doesn’t come together as an entertaining watch. None of the original songs has recall value, the tracks that work are remixes of popular 90s’ songs.I was disappointed with ‘Golmaal Again’ and I really wanted my money back.

I must admit that this might be the most enjoyable of the four Golmaal films because there is actually a plot and the by-now-familiar characters are less annoying while the annoying ones are partially relegated to the background. Kudos to Shetty for reinventing a mindless comic brand to a duo-genre and giving it a new lease of life.

Komal Nahta
Komal Nahta's Blog


Golmaal Again is a very good entertainer and will do well at the ticket windows.

Manisha Lakhe


Golmaal Again becomes funny in the second half and some ghostly goings-on make you laugh. But overall it's loud and lurid and you come away with a headache.



Golmaal Again is one of the better editions of the series. It definitely revives your interest in the franchise.

Reviewer Profile
Fully Hyderabad


When the most offensive part of a Bollywood comedy is two men insensitively wearing Klu Klux Klan robes as ghostly garb (sure most Indians won't get the context, but you are releasing this film worldwide right?) instead of crude sex jokes and copious amounts of inane sequences, you've done something right.

Audience Reviews for Golmaal Again

  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
    258 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Every single character, except for maybe the kids, plays dumb in Golmaal Again, the fourth film in the series known for exaggerated screwball comedy. Here the gang is back with an unconnected story and the same old approach of one-liners and bombastic slapstick. The horror angle, which justifies the fresh roles of Tabu and Parineeti Chopra, makes it a tad bearable because it improves the humor by at least a few notches. Although it is still mortifying to watch talented actors such as Ajay Devgn and Arshad Warsi fool around and cross the line in the name of comedy, considering the genre and the franchise, the film does not deliver the goods as one would expect. Rohit Shetty is relentless as he stoops to a new low by heavily referencing pop culture to salvage his otherwise plot-less drama. With Johnny Lever's galling performance that sabotages other characters' harried efforts to make you laugh, and Tusshar Kapoor and Shreyas Talpade's redundant roles, the film holds itself on the grand and palpable production design and occasional jokes. Other newcomers Neil Nitin Mukesh and Prakash Raj are strictly textbook villains and don't contribute much. The problem with the film is that it is not sufficient to cinematically entertain a hopeful and informed audience in 2017. Golmaal Again tries too hard to come off as a horror comedy and even though completely validates its fitting tag-line, fails to amuse.

    October 21, 17
  • Moviebazz
    3 reviews

    Rohit Shetty is in his comfortable zone. Golmal again is not a bad film, but unable to deliver a superb entertainment. It is funny but week. To many plots but not properly written.

    October 21, 17
  • Samrat Guha
    Samrat Guha
    2 reviews

    When we laugh, we forget who we are, and just laugh. Laughter binds the generations like an invisible string, stirring and pulling all and sundry, over and over again. And given that Rohit Shetty wants to make you laugh, well, he will do so with panache, be sure. Golmaal Again is the fourth instalment of a highly successful franchise dating back to 2006. The gang is back again! Led by the grimacing grunting Ajay Devgn ( terrific as always), this time the lovable goons are inmates in an orphanage run by a kind soul - Jamnadas ( Uday Tikekar in a rare Bollywood movie appearance). The boys go about their carefree lives poking fun at each other. One day they 'rescue' an abandoned baby girl. She turns out to be a sprightly little lady who quickly becomes the centre of everyone's 'Khushi'. All of a sudden, a kiddish prank by the boys on Ajay AKA Gopal lands them all in trouble. Disgruntled, they leave the premises of the orphanage for good in two separate groups, Gopal and Laxman (Shreyas Talpade, mildly amusing) on one side, followed by Madhav ( Arshad Warsi looking tired), the other Laxman (surprising act by Kunal Khemu) and Lucky
    (everyone's darling Tushar Kapoor). Many years and a couple of plot points later, they return to the same orphanage to witness Jamnada's thirteenth-day ritual. Here, Ana the librarian (Tabu as graceful as ever) weaves them onto a backstory and tries her best to ask for their help. Nonetheless, the fighting fivesome goons do not heed and keep battering each other, even falling into the hands of a scheming real estate tycoon (Prakash Raj, yet again !). Gopal falls for the mysterious maid
    (Parineeti competent in an important role) and even tries to propose to her. The rest of the gang in a lighter vein cajoles him to go ahead and win her. Therein lies the 'twist' and the far-reaching and long winding part of the story. Characters upon character keep swelling up, reminding one of the sixties masala movies.
    However, trust our good ol Rohit anna to deliver when it matters, he throws in the punch lines just when the tiring three hours seem to never end. No doubt some punches miss badly, yet the ones that land, land well. In the department of comedy, undoubtedly the winner is Johnny Lever. In his reprising act of Pappi ''Bhoola'' bhai, he enthrals us the way only he can. A guaranteed scene stealer, he is one good reason why Golmaal Again is a must watch. Next, comes the surprise package in Kunal Khemu. In a refreshing turn, he takes the character to a new level, his swag, comic timing and a newfound glow is unmistakable. The others (ably supported by Sanjai Mishra and Vrajesh Heerji) keep the laff track going. The film cruises on the strong shoulders of Ajay, he uses his drooping lazy gaze, his shy smile and goondagardi to good effect. Golmaal as a franchise is wildly successful, all because of him. We root for him when in a scene a bunch of goons ridicule him and ask ''who the hell are you?'', he cooly pats his forehead and replies ''main yeda (lunatic) hoon''. Tabu lends her acting prowess in a seemingly listless character where there is more of cold staring involved rather than good substance. Yet she handles her part well. The long list of support is mostly decent, everyone chips in with vigour. Of the entire ensemble cast, it is Parineeti who is outstanding in her mystery role. She makes us reach out to her through her sheer charm and vivacity. Every scene of her's is a standout. She remains in the memory in a well etched and well fleshed out role. Her quicksilver show of hurt and rage is exceptional. She deserves something for this role.
    The action part of the movie is the biggest letdown. Unimaginative and boring to the core, it didn't suit the stature of a Rohit Shetty movie. The music too is nothing to write about. The songs are a poor rehash of the nineties. The script writing credited to Yunus Sajawal could have been a lot tighter. Some scenes are just too meaningless. Dialogues by Farhad Sajid are suitable to bring the house down. Mostly funny, he retains the best for the most talented, try this - when testing a mike for current shock, Johnny lever fakes being electrocuted and then sobers up suddenly to say ''arree current nahi, yeh talent hai'. The cinematography is oddball and dimly lit. The movie has some untied ends in the plot and a continuity related mistake at the very beginning. However justifying its tag as a Diwali paisa wasool release, Golmaal scores big, AGAIN. Sit back and enjoy this ride while it lasts. Don't go for the logic, its just ''magic''.

    October 25, 17
  • Poornima
    1 review

    One of the worst movie of Devgan. You can't expect more from rest 3( tushar,shreyas nd kunal) but Ajay tumne bhi ye tuchiyapa kr diya.

    October 28, 17