• An emphatic directorial debut by Vijay Raaz. Do yourself a favour. Buy a ticket for this one! It is not often than you find people walk out of the theater in silence. Happens either when they don’t know how to react, or are just bowled over with emotions. As I left the hall after watching Kya Dilli Kya Lahore I was one among majority who walked out, silent.

  • …is a totally avoidable fare. I could not help pleading, Ya Rab, reham! [Oh God, mercy!] Random Youtube videos make better sense than this.

  • This film is Director John Hancock’s best film. He has taken pains to show how hard it was to make “Mary Poppins”. And with all its brilliance and complexities, the film has a feel-good factor that remains etched in your memory, long after you leave the theater.

  • …could have been much simpler and better film, one capable of touching your heart. Instead it ends up as a classic example of a director gone wrong in his attempt to bridge the gap between social and commercial themes.

  • …is a directorial winner. While it entertains, it also springs forth another director worth looking out to. It is a film which gets you to root for the protagonist. And you know you have winner when a film makes you feel such.

  • The screenplay is in slow motion! Heartless is almost like anesthetic awareness. I felt the pain throughout but could not do much about it.

  • At interval you realise that One By Two is not going anywhere. And by the end the story just about takes shape. But by then it has already lost any attention that it may have managed to grab. Because midway through all you have is this song banging into your head and it continues – I am just pakaod.

  • …the script in itself is more a sitting duck refusing to help the hulk-like Salman push the film anywhere close to what a film with a proper Salman-script combo could have. Our word – Salman Khan fans will love this film and others might just about be entertained, but to expect this film to be the next Munna Bhai is a Utopian thought.

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