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De De Pyaar De

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A 50-year-old single father faces disapproval from his family and his ex-wife when he falls in love with a 26-year-old woman.Wikipedia

De De Pyaar De Reviews


Ultimately, watching De De Pyaar De is a frustrating experience because while there are things to admire, including the unconventional ending, there is no escape from the lazy stereotypes, the simplistic moralizing, and the episodic, sitcom-style screenplay. Yes I laughed, and it made me think. Some bits crackle too, but the film needed more of that.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


You wish the film had been braver in its intention of creating a really cracking rom-com, instead of playing its clichés for a laugh.

Raja Sen
Hindustan Times


The usual alpha male, Ajay Devgn, plays it uncharacteristically calm in the film as most of the good stuff comes from Tabu, who wields the word ‘dal’ like a loaded gun.

Rahul Desai
Film Companion


A Crude Social Comedy With A Man Problem ...The film starring Ajay Devgn and Tabu as a divorced couple isn’t a very thoughtful ‘social comedy’

Deccan Chronicle Team
Deccan Chronicle


Despite its bright premise and superlative cast, the Akiv Ali directorial isn't as smart as it aspires to be.

You'll find more wisdom on such matters in a Sara Ali Khan interview

Tabu is the only breath of fresh air here; she is unaffected and natural as can be. It is only when she is on screen that the film is infused with life. If the story were told from her perspective instead of that of the rather self-centered Ashish, we’d have a better film on our hands.

Ronak Kotecha
Times Of India


The film maturely handles a few touchy topics like divorce, live-ins and age-inappropriate romance, without getting too overbearing. Thankfully, director Akiv Ali wraps it up with a slightly unpredictable climax minus the melodrama. Overall, DDPD is a fun ride that reinstates the fact that when it comes to love, age is just a number.

Meena Iyer
DNA India


It’s an enjoyable family watch; the frailties in human relationships are nicely captured.  


De De Pyaar De is a bag full of cliches. The makers fail miserably to evolve the story beyond a one-line plot. Go watch De De Pyaar De only if you are a die-hard fan of Tabu.


Tabu, Ajay Devgn champion male infidelity, hatred for women, a weird notion of modern coolth



Overall, with entertainment and romance, thrown in with equal measure, De De Pyaar De is an enjoyable film that is endearing.

Kunal Guha
Mumbai Mirror


The film’s deceptive title may throw many off. But the message that De De Pyaar De packs is loud and clear — love cannot be sought by courtship alone, accepting and adapting play an intrinsic role too. So if you're going for a geriatric, be prepared to date the dentures too.


If you look beyond the film’s messaging and twisted sexual politics, its aesthetics is meant for television viewing. Constant close-ups, sitcom-y film score and blurred background shots of London make you feel trapped, with very little movement happening. The film’s craft adds to its staleness and anachronistic feel. As much as the film wants to be an iconoclast, it reinstates the same conservatism it pretends to take down.

Audience Reviews for De De Pyaar De

  • Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
    300 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    After 'Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety', we have got yet again an openly entertaining and non-preachy comedy with style, but like the last year release, this one doesn't completely lack in substance. And what's more, this 'women-are-bitches' soars, and IS entertaining.
    De De Pyaar De, produced actually by Luv Ranjan and directe by Akiv Ali, actually feels like a Luv Ranjan directorial. Of course Akiv Ali hasn't done much to the ensemble star cast, but the film is still mindless, masala fun. It's good entertainment, even if its unhealthy. And it's an eye candy as well. Yes, Sonu Ke Titu ki Sweety misogyny here as well, but you don't look up there when you are being given loads of laughs. I wished there was more romance and story-telling here, but then, you can't expect that from a Luv Ranjan film.
    If candyfloss entertainment is something you consider and love (just like me!) give a shot and you'll leave happy shots! 3 out of 5 for '3DP'.

    September 27, 19
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
    258 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Apart from the ounces of good comedy, what De De Pyaar De (Give Me Some Love) does is bust the tabooed topic of sex in India. It reduces it to an activity involving physical contact, which is how it should be, regardless of its attachment to a relationship or matrimony. I personally did not think I would find so much depth in a film presented by Luv Ranjan and I need to hand it to director Akiv Ali for really taking the comic film in that route. The plot is as insane as it sounds and has a convoluted structure but you get that idea even from its poster, so can't blame anyone. Just looking at Devgn is funny enough for me, and I found Rakul Preet Singh a bit amateurish as the unruly character but I guess the script needed her to be. Overall, De De Pyaar De really gives you a lot of comedy to sit back at the end of a busy day and laugh at. TN.

    July 16, 19