• ‘Married 2 America’ is average fair but it has done a good job by focussing on a real issue. The climax is exciting but stretched unnecessarily.

  • It’s closer to ‘Paranormal Activity’, especially towards the end, but then once again who is interested in watching a direct and childish copy.
    The film has a masterstroke in the end when it features the director’s name and the screen goes black after it. people keep waiting for the end credits but it never rolls.
    The film definitely has scary moments but the length mars the excitement.

  • Avoid ‘Valentine’s Night’ otherwise or no, wait, take your partner to watch it and I guarantee your break up.

  • ‘Love You to Death’ or ‘LYTD’ is another small budget film which has been made with good production values. The storyteller has given a lot of thrust on the climax and thus the audience feels a bit detached during the initial scenes. However the rising tempo of the story keeps one glued to the chair till the penultimate scene. The ultimate sequence gives a very subtle message but till then the film becomes dark and the spectator starts to identify with the characters.

  • ‘Shakal Pe Mat Ja’ is a mixture of crass comic sequences where the audience should not look for any sensible content. Watch it if you are a habitual film viewer and would not mind laughing in bits.

  • Over all, it’s just the respect for Dev Anand that people will go to cinema hall, otherwise after ‘Chargesheet’, one would not dare to watch any other film.

  • Over all ‘U R My Jaan’ is a film for those who do not believe in women emancipation and equal status for all.

  • ‘Rivaaz’ is a film which should not be condemned for not having big star cast and better production values. One can definitely watch the film for a story which is true for many parts of our country even today.

  • Yeh Dooriyan celebrates womanhood, and presents the new age independent woman, in a brave manner. She should be praised for it. Your opinion about the film will depend on your social perspective.

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