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Mahabharat 3D

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Mahabharat 3D Reviews

Sarit Ray
Hindustan Times


Good animation needn’t necessarily be about the computer-graphics imagery. Films such as Persepolis and Waltz with Bashir were deeply moving without being cutting-edge. Mahabharat, sadly, lacks more than technical prowess; it lacks imagination. It is an over-simplified, children’s-book version of the epic tale.

If only this was a made-for-radio special instead of a half-heartedly animated demo reel masquerading as a children’s fantasy. But dumbing down Mahabharat’s provocative and serious framework for a film that cannot even provide visual enchantment fails to fulfill it purpose even to its young audience.

There is a laboured attempt here to prove that animation has come to animated life in Indian cinema. Sadly, it ends up proving only the opposite. We've a long way to go. If you want to see a credible dramatically deft adaptation of the Mahabharat, check out B R Chopra's televised version.As for animation, Indian cinema should leave it alone.

Meena Iyer
Times Of India


On the flip side, the animation effort itself is immature and several notches below those of Hollywood films. Yet the dub effort by the Bollywood superstars uplifts this epic, making it enjoyable.

The only saving grace is the sincerity with which the cast has dubbed for their parts. Bachchan sounds like Bheeshma while Vidya does a commedable Draupadi. Despite the big names associated with Mahabharat 3D the film turns out to be a no show in its effort to entertain the audience.


...not expected to be a work of genius. I wasn’t hoping for another Avatar but I was definitely looking for more meat than what was served to me. Except phenomenal voice casting, the film has very little to gloat about. Don’t waste your time at the theaters on this one and wait for the TV telecast. Indian animation can easily show more wild originality than what we got here. Buck up for the next time.

Faheem Ruhani
India Today


The animation effort is at best amateur and at place drawing too much attention to it because of it being gaudy. The final battle scenes should have been a display of spectacular technical wizardry but it's not. Sadly, you are reminded of the two arrows colliding in Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan and Ramayan was made before BR Chopra's televised Mahabharat. It almost looks like they just needed to get over with it once the Kurukshetra war starts. Honestly, by this time, even you are hoping it gets over fast and soon.

...with the only competitor being DHOOM-3, MAHABHARAT seems to be a good bet keeping in mind that it's being released during the festive time of the year, coinciding with the vacations.


If only the makers had to pay that much extra attention to the animation and execution like they did with the characters and their faces, this epic would have been quite different and would have gone down well with the kids.

...should be given the credit for being a film with sincere attempt and ambition. However, its lack of vision, especially in terms of technology, works completely against it.


This new Mahabharata isn't so much a kid-friendly version as one made for dummies, by dummies. It’s awkward, sanitised and dissatisfying to those who know the epic and to those who don’t, it’s boring and ugly. Do your kids a favour. Tell them stories from the original epic and steer clear of this film.

Mansha Rastogi


Jayantilal Gada's Mahabharat in short is a shoddy and insipid representation of a mighty mythology which really has no potential to entice the kids.

Siddhi Palande


The animation might be a let down, but the film captures the essence of the mythological saga.

One wishes our filmmakers quit mythological stories and gave our little viewers more age-appropriate stories that are full of magic and fun. That, or at least interpret the heavy-duty mythology to suit the sensibilities of children. Otherwise all they see is war, revenge and killing without understanding the real learning behind these epic stories!

Karan Anshuman
Mumbai Mirror


The dogged attempt by Indian filmmakers and studios to bravely continue and dabble with animation has to be saluted. At a time when their core audience - kids - is used to watching multiple 24/7 international animation channels and picture perfect Pixar movies, every few months there will be at least one ambitious Indian effort. The makers know there's no competition at a technical level. They must then, make the most with their story. And writer/director Amaan Khan turns to the oldest book in this trick: Mahabharat.

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