• This is a film that celebrates the dysfunctional family, gamely accepting it as a part of reality, with each member uniquely glorious with all their idiosyncrasies and imperfections.

    The film suitably ends on a note that is symbolic of most families; at least the more interesting ones- they are all perfect in their imperfections.

  • This film is an experience. And strictly meant only for Himesh Reshammiya and fans.

  • The film is a comment on honest officials vs. ruffian politics in mofussil India, but then we’ve seen this so many times before. What sets the film apart is Jha’s sure-footed storytelling (though he sticks to his tried-and-tested formula) and Priyanka Chopra’s dazzling performance. This one straddles the two worlds of being a reasonably accomplished film as well as a crowd-pleaser.

  • Watch this film without too many expectations, and you might find yourself moved the by the characters and their Bollywood diaries.

  • Mehta’s sure-footed storytelling is enhanced by the technical finesse, from the cinematography and editing, to the production design and music.

    Watch the film to experience a story that is as searing as it is sensitive. Most crucially, the film ensures that the absurdity of a law criminalizing homosexuality hits home harder than ever.

  • This is one of the few films where the audience was moved enough to applaud together. Highly recommended!

  • If you love Great Expectations, keep no expectations from this one. Else, be prepared to entranced by the visual splendor of the movie, and be disappointed by the lack of emotional connect.

  • This one is sheer torture for its regressive take on everything, save for a few bright moments when Hocane is onscreen.

  • The film is earnest and has a few genuine, emotional moments, but is defeated by an outmoded viewpoint and look. It had the potential to be so much more.

  • The film does have its share of endearing moments. One of them is a poster saying ‘Harty Welcome’ when Adi arrives in Chennai. One wishes the film had other such insights that made it different from the rest. Sadly, the film chooses to walk the predictable path, instead of carving its own.

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