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Ghayal Once Again

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Ghayal Once Again is a Indian action drama film which is a sequel to 1990 super-hit film Ghayal.Wikipedia

Ghayal Once Again Reviews


Ghayal Returns isn't unwatchable – far from it. But it’s old-fashioned and evokes a distinct sense of déjà vu.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


Sunny Deol the actor is still a lethal weapon and can blow his opponent all the way across the room. Sunny the director should just get out his way.

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


Ghayal Once Again is a throwback to Sunny Deol’s angry common man persona made during the ‘90s. It’s a terribly made film with nothing much to offer except Narendra Jha’s performance as the suave villain. I have borne the pain so that you can live in peace. The ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ shows its age and gives you enough time to duck. So duck.

Suparna Sharma
Deccan Chronicle


Ghayal Once Again uses the dhai kilo ka haath myth, Sunny’s goodwill, reputation and moral underpinnings, but, it’s a mediocre film. A much lesser film than the original it is leaning on. Director Sunny Deol is not half the director Santoshi still is, but Sunny the angry paaji is still the man he was. Sunny Deol has never been balanced, nuanced, subtle (lol). He only overdoes stuff. Everything. Even now. And I’m eternally grateful for it.

The action hero returns to serve some old fashioned justice in Ghayal Once Again as the still seething, still suffering Ajay Mehra like only he can. If also it could deliver the stamp of sharp, solid filmmaking like only the man who conceived Ajay Mehra can.

...watch Ghayal Once Again at your own risk and only if you can withstand the relentless onslaught it unleashes.

Renuka Vyavahare
Times Of India


Despite the flaws, Sunny's idealistic film exudes the sincerity and unbreakable spirit of a common man. If you mess with us, "We will find you and we will punch you." Watch it.

This modern version of the angry young man out to seek justice is more muted than the 1990 film.

Sarita Tanwar
DNA India


Despite its flaws, this dhai kilo ka haath is worthy of a watch. Because they don't make heroes like Ajay Mehra anymore.

Suhani Singh
India Today


Sunny Deol cries, screams, fights, jumps off trains, runs, falls and occasionally also attempts to act. The last one is especially hard but he is unfazed.

Ajay Mehra has mellowed down and is mature now.  If you wanted to watch him thrash men with his ‘Dhaai Kilo Ka Haat ‘ and scream ‘Balwantrai ke kutton’ get set for disappointment.

...comes across as a shoddy and outdated attempt of the classic remake. Fans of Sunny Deol might patronize the movie; however the aam junta might not take a liking to it. As a result the movie will have a tough time at the box office.


If you’ve seen your fill of action films over the years you’ll really be able to appreciate what Ghayal Once Again serves up in its two-hour runtime. The dramatic bits are inconsistent but even so, the film manages to impress. It’s shot nicely, it’s fast and it takes the right kind of approach to building on the legend of Sunny Deol and Ghayal.


This is pure action and Sunny fans are going to have a screaming time in the theatres.

Suprateek Chatterjee


I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss Ghayal Once Again as run-of-the-mill cinematic trash. At best, it could be considered a minor stepping stone to a new aesthetic for easily digestible commercial cinema. At worst, it's a movie you could watch with your friends for the express purpose of having a good time, preferably after getting high. There are definitely worse ways to spend two hours of your time.

Watch this one, even if you are not a Sunny Deol fan. The action sequences are worth your ticket money.

Audience Reviews for Ghayal Once Again

  • Navin Yadav
    Navin Yadav
    1 review

    Sunny Deol looks stunning in action sins well directed all actor's perform very good must watch

    February 05, 16
  • Prabhat chaudhary
    Prabhat chaudhary
    1 review

    "Agar hum sach ke sath h to hume jeetne tk haar nii manni chahiye". ghaya once again is fentestic movie.Direction is awesome.the movie should be win "best direction award 2016".and "best action award 2016".and connection with old ghayal is very good.

    February 10, 16