• All in all, the movie is perfect watch for Sankranthi festive time. Despite weak second half, it still entertains.

    Bottom-line: Good family entertainer

  • Overall, the pleasant presentation by director Kishore Tirumala with good dialogues, catchy tunes by Devi Sri Prasad and beautiful presence of Keerthi Suresh, Nenu Sailaja works. 

  • All in all, the film is an out and out mass entertainer. 

    Bottom-line: Regular Fare With Comedy

  • The film is said to be remake of a Hindi hit, Phas Gaye Re Obama but the screenplay has been changed a lot by writer Kona Venkat and he has added his own brand of style.

    On paper the basic idea looks pretty good but the screenplay has gone completely haywire with the movie neither turning out to be a proper crime comedy or romantic movie.

  • Director Prakash Rao who debuted with Anangana O Dheerudu has proved again that he has visual flair but has no grip on narration. Writer Kanika’s script lacks dum. Music is another big letdown. The movie has excessive runtime.

  • …the movie has lot going for it like technical values, Kamal Haasan’s performance and other actors’ honest effort but it doesn’t rise above the level of a taut and engaging thriller. Okay movie, on the whole.

    Bottomline: Lacks Punch

  • All in all, Kumari 21F will connect with youth and the people who like to see bold content. This attempt is quite unusual.

    Bottomline: Different Attempt

  • …is show reel movie of Akhil’s dancing skills. Other than that it offers only boredom, nothing else.

  • All in all, Krish has once again come up with a different movie with novel storyline. It appeals the film lovers and class audiences only.

  • All in all, appreciation to Gunasekhar goes for the fact that through the movie he tries to bring rich history of Telugu land on to the screen. Other than this fact, the movie has more demerits than the merits.

    The movie is only for people who want to know how Rudrama Devi ruled in the guise of a male.

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