• Though the comic scenes remind you of other popular films, Loukyam still works as it is not pretentious and does not try to be a big film.

  • The only saving grace for the film is Mahesh and a few punch dialogues sprinkled randomly which has now become the trademark of Srinu Vaitla.

  • In all, Ravi Teja fans will be happy watching him play yet another mass character. But Power lacks that extra something which makes for a successful, racy commercial entertainer.

  • Like all films these days, the film has its share of ifs and what ifs. Still, Rabhasa can be watched purely for the sincere efforts put in by NTR.

  • …you might end up watching Aashiqui 2 and listening to the songs all over again after watching Nee Jataga Nenundaali. But if you haven’t watched the original, you might end up feeling that both the films are total waste of time and energy. Bottomline: We can’t feel their love!

  • Though the film may work out commercially, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Had the director put in more efforts on the second half, it would have worked better for the film.

  • Though the director maintains pace, he drags the plot during the second half and the editor could have chopped off a couple of scenes to tighten the film. Bottomline: Total Paisa Vasool

  • If one looks at it, the film has all the elements that a commercial film must have – a lost and found father-daughter story, twin brothers, poor hero and a rich heroine, two villains, action and songs. Still, VV Vinayak disappoints by not making a gripping entertainer which will make you leave the theatre with a smile. Lacks the Punch!

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