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    Weak script, too much attention on Suriya spoils Anjaan…

  • M Suganth
    M Suganth
    Times Of India


    When a film announces loud and clear all that it wants to do is be in service of its hero, and make him as larger than life as possible, we accept it and all that we expect from it is to entertain us. But when it takes almost three hours to narrate its all-too familiar story with easily predictable twists and underwritten characters in a non-engaging fashion, it becomes a painful watch. And, Anjaan is just that.

  • It is high time Lingusamy, who is reluctant to change, accepts the fact that age-old formula doesn’t work anymore.

  • Raisa Nasreen
    Raisa Nasreen


    Watch this film for its well-choreographed action-sequences, and Suriya’s dynamic performance.

  • IndiaGlitz
    India Glitz


    A commercial entertainer might not go beyond Suriya’s fan base!

  • The predictable climax makes the whole product less impactful. One palpable connect towards the denouement is a life saver. Anjaan goes to the list of, ‘Could have been better’ movies.

  • Surendhar MK
    Surendhar MK


    Suriya’s fans have tons of scenes to enjoy and scream, and Samantha’s fans have gazillions of rapturous moments to cherish.

  • Lingusamy has been producing and distributing a number of gutsy experimental movies in Tamil. However, his Anjaan compensates for the goodwill generated through such numerous movies in the past. It is unfortunate to note that Anjaan may be Suriya’s weakest offering in the recent times despite a lot of hard-work.