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    Black Panther is a landmark in terms of representation. It is the first, big-budget superhero movie to have a predominantly black cast. Coogler had a massive responsibility and he shoulders it magnificently. Black Panther speaks to the traumatic history of a continent but it also challenges every perception you might have about Africa and its people. And Coogler and co-writer Joe Robert Cole give you enough besides politics to chew on.

  • The best part of this technologically advanced nation are the women. Fierce, bold, tech-savvy and decision-makers, the Wakandian women are the closest Marvel has ever come to portraying real-life females and that makes Black Panther a standout in a crowded Universe.

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    IE Reviewer
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    Black Panther is getting all the applause for celebrating an all African-American cast and while that garners a huge kudos for Marvel, the film is worth praising regardless of the colour of the people it features.

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    Marvel’s new film will be discussed for decades, groundbreaking in so many ways

  • This is a spirited but emotional origins story — of a king learning the predicaments of power, a son overwhelmed by the idea of filling his father’s shoes, of co-existence and divide that is defined by colour and discriminated by history. And that it’s just as dedicatedly fun doubles the pleasure of it all.

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    The intricacies of African culture are beautifully captured and showcased in a whole new light as vibrant costumes and set design merge with high-quality CGI spectacle. Coogler adds another layer to the tale by taking on an intriguing issue of the role global superpowers play in the real world. Inspiring and empowering in equal measure, ‘Black Panther’ is a richer & deeper experience than most comic book fare. Most importantly, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will definitely benefit from the presence of King T’Challa and his kingdom of Wakanda well down the line.

  • Black Panther is a delightful experience but somewhere it hangs in between being entertaining and narrating a customary superhero story. Watch this for some brilliant moments & as a base-builder for something epic (Avengers: Infinity War) to come.

  • Ryan Coogler crafts an intricate work of art, sewing African tribal cultures of old with the swanky, shiny lifestyle of new, much like how the Wakandans sew Vibranium into their clothes. From the fast-paced action on the streets of Busan to high-stakes one-on-one fights on the side of a waterfall, everything is expertly crafted to honor African history and culture, without the appropriation. He builds on the series mythos most faithfully and builds upon it, giving Marvel and Black Panther fans something truly to look forward to as the world prepares for the culmination of every Marvel film to date: Infinity War.

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    You cannot miss this movie for the world. It’s so far one of the best superhero films you must have seen. And wait till both the post credit scenes roll out.

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    Overall, the Black Panther is an exceptionally impressive film worth witnessing on the large screen.

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    At the end of the day, representation is a powerful force and more people need to see themselves in the content they spend their hard-earned money for. Hopefully, more studios and directors will grab onto the momentum that Black Panther will unquestionably create, and not let us wait another lifetime for a story like this.