• Save for a few moments of inspired lunacy provided by Vinay Pathak, this is one bumpy ride you don’t need to take. I’m going with two out of five for director Shashant Shah’s ‘Chalo Dilli’. After some 36 hours on Rajasthan’s dusty roads, Lara Dutta doesn’t have one hair out of place or even a slight lipstick smudge. This is that kind of movie!

  • Shubhra Gupta
    Shubhra Gupta
    Indian Express


    A sentimental climactic twist ends up being surprisingly not schmaltzy, and gives an interesting touch to ‘Chalo Dilli’. It could have been, though, shorter and crisper.

  • Nikhat Kazmi
    Nikhat Kazmi
    Times Of India


    The film has so much soul, specially in the climax, it makes up for any shortcomings in story and vision.

  • Mayank Shekhar
    Mayank Shekhar
    Hindustan Times


    Two strangers on such a journey can make for one too many films: from Mr And Mrs Iyer, on the riots, to Jab We Met, a romance. This one falls into neither. It’s just banal, belaboured, contrived concoction that’s just not funny; certainly not fun.

  • See it if you adore either Lara Dutta or Vinay Pathak. Or else give it a miss.

  • Chalo Dilli strains hard to be uplifting and poignant but it doesn’t quite make it. I’m going with two stars.

  • Watch Chalo Dilli for its mildly interesting first half, but leave during the interval. If your company forces you to stay on post-interval, don’t be surprised if you find yourself praying for the sweet release of death.

  • On the whole, Chalo Dilli is an entertainer but with limited appeal. It will remain an ordinary fare at the box-office.

  • Taran Adarsh
    Taran Adarsh
    Bollywood Hungama


    On the whole, CHALO DILLI is exciting and amusing in parts. The film has some terrific moments, but the writing could’ve been more persuasive towards the post-interval portions. Yet, all said and done, there’s something nice about it, despite the blemishes. Decent watch!

  • With lack of engaging moments, CHALO DILLI eventually turns out to be a tiresome ‘journey’.

  • Chalo Dilli is a journey film that showcases India, through the relationship of this mismatched couple and ends with a surprise twist.

  • Indeed, both Lara and Vinay carry the film through their electrifying banter, which leaves audience in mirth. Add to this is sizzling Yana Gupta, who gyrates to Zeenat Aman`s classic number `Laila o Laila`.