• Renuka Vyavahare
    Renuka Vyavahare
    Times Of India


    To sum it up, the title has no relevance to the story. You’d rather stick to watching the Cricket World Cup instead, for this one is quite zaalim on the senses.

  • Johnson Thomas
    Johnson Thomas
    The Free Press Journal


    There’s a twist in the tale but it comes at a time when you’ve already lost interest in the entire sorry set-up. Most of what transpires is imminently predictable and unexciting. The basic premise had some promise but Japinder Kaur’s direction is totally uninspired. It’s all so heavy-duty and labored that even the light hearted moments fell like dead-weights.

  • Vidula Menge
    Vidula Menge


    The film boasts of a unique plot filled with unexpected twists.If you have no plans for the weekend, watch this timepass romantic comedy.

  • Bollywood Life
    Bollywood Life
    Bollywood Life


    Ira Dubey plays the most interesting character in the fractured plot. She is an ambitious TV journalist chasing that one last scoop before her parents marry her off. This character deserves to be in a better film.

  • Rahul Desai
    Rahul Desai
    Mumbai Mirror


    As mainstream Hindi cinema often teaches us, when in doubt: Sting operation. When in further doubt, let the heroes ignore journalistic ethics and indulge in morally ambiguous hidden-camera tactics more criminal than the villain.

  • Dilliwali Zaalim Girlfriend could be a better film with a different title. …we have low hopes of this film making big bucks based on the story and execution.