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Exodus: Gods and Kings

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The defiant leader Moses rises up against the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses, setting 600,000 slaves on a monumental journey of escape from Egypt and its terrifying cycle of deadly plagues.Wikipedia

Exodus: Gods and Kings Reviews

Jyoti Sharma Bawa
Hindustan Times


It is a visual spectacle minus a heart...


The film is certainly worth a watch but the two and a half hours of it seem as long as it took Moses to rescue them Hebrews.

Exodus is bound to rile up believers but it will definitely bore skeptics as soon as the second half begins because although it begins with Moses rebelling, it offers very little insight.Exodus is a good time-pass film. However, if you've watched The Prince of Egypt (1998), then skip this one.


Exodus: Gods and Kings is 'spectacle' with a capital 'S' and in more ways than one, definitely epic.

Rohit Khilnani
India Today


This is Ridley Scott's version of the age old story and even though it's two and a half hours long, it's simply awesome!

Sachin Chatte
The Navhind Times


Exodus is a watchable film for its scale and visual grandeur in spite of the 3D which doesn’t add any value.

...the lack of cohesive storytelling really kills the film. God is presented as a creepy kid with a scowl on his face, but there is no sense of something being at stake in the film. You also don’t really feel for anyone or anything in the film.


God is an 11-year-old boy and Moses is an orange bore...

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What the film lacks in ambition and storytelling, it tries to make up with dazzling visuals and special effects. Go for it if you're up for some biblical mindless fun this weekend.

Reviewer Profile


Exodus: Gods and Kings is a pure visual delight. If you’re zealous about adventure, the Bible, Christian Bale, ghastly plagues, or anything Egyptian, you don’t have to think twice before you go for it.

...sometimes campy and shallow, sometimes solemn but mostly absorbing, interpretation of the story of Moses.

Audience Reviews for Exodus: Gods and Kings

  • Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
    94 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Exodus: Gods and Kings. When you have a plot interesting as Exodus has, lead actor as good as Bale and visuals as stunning as Exodus has, then result should have been great but Exodus misses the bus because execution is dull and chemistry is missing between the key characters.

    Ridley Scott fails to infuse the high energy level in Exodus that we cherished in cult Gladiator. Rather portraying it as a faith movie, he could have opted for showing the human spirit that goes against all odds. Apart from Bale, there is hardly any other memorable character. The length of 150 minutes feels too long.

    However, great visuals and great CGI work especially in the climax help movie in not being a complete disaster. I am going with not bad 6 out of 10 for Exodus. What could have been a great cinematic experience turns out to be an underwhelming one.

    December 19, 14