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Guddu Ki Gun

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Guddu Ki Gun is a film based on a washing-powder salesman, Guddu who has a penis of gold.Wikipedia

Guddu Ki Gun Reviews

Guddu Ki Gun is a sex comedy with funny one-liners and great performances from Kunal Khemmu and Sumit Vyas...

With dialogues packed with rhymes, mispronunciations and double entendres, the film is a delightful adult comedy that keeps you in splits by the minute. The characteristic one-liners are crisp, tempered and never sound crass. If not funny, it at least elicits a chuckle.

Renuka Vyavahare
Times Of India


Kunal Kemmu tries his best to make this dickfest watchable but it's outright repulsive. Strangely, not because it revolves around a male organ turning into gold but because the film has no substance or humour whatsoever.

Guddu Ki Gun is laughable in parts only if you promise to apply no brains all through it.


I sat through this two hour ten minutes nonsense which unfolded on screen, and this much I can say.... It's not worth reviewing.

It is a sex comedy, so there are plenty of references to sex (and luscious women) and there is comedy. There are several laugh-out-loud moments and the director and the scriptwriter manage to keep you hooked throughout. However, the script falters at the end when a climax is stretched much beyond its limit, thus testing the patience of the audience.

Subhash K Jha


Finally though you come away from the film wondering what our cinema is coming to and where is it heading. Guddu Ki Gun is a one-line joke carried too far.Guddu can’t keep it down. This film just can’t keep it up.

Johnson Thomas
The Free Press Journal


This attempt at raunchy sex comedy has it’s heart in a daring space but along the way appears to have caught on to a fear psychosis that tempers the escapade and makes it well short of enjoyable. So the writing never goes the distance and the truncations thereof almost take on the look of a ritual dismembering.

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It is almost an insult to your sensibilities. Definitely not something you would miss watching at the theaters.

Juhi Matta


Goofy moments, witty one-liners and lots of innuendo! Guddu Ki Gun is the quintessential leave-your-brains-at-home comedy. It is a lighthearted film that features some very quotable one-liners. If you’re looking for a hearty laugh, don’t miss this one!


Some of the jokes have the ring of truth found in the best WhatsApp forwards. The daring premise seals the movie’s destiny as a cult favourite, but at 124 minutes, it is stretched beyond belief and tolerance. The curse on Guddu takes far too long to lift, and the directors are unable to escape the other curse that has ruined several potentially interesting comedies. Guddu can’t keep it down, and the filmmakers can’t keep it short.

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