• Khan’s character claims to stand for women’s rights, but thinks nothing of commenting on a woman’s underwear. He rages against politicians for blocking traffic and inconveniencing the public, but rides his motorbike onto a crowded railway station platform. If you accept that there won’t be a semblance of sense in the screenplay, and that the two-and-half hour film is essentially a showreel for Khan to show off his sculpted body, action moves and dance steps, then perhaps you can enjoy the madness that is “Jai Ho”.

  • ‘Jai Ho’ is just a glorious canvas that piggybanks heavily on Salman’s colossal popularity.
    Head out only if you are a Salman supporter, if not, this social campaign might appear unimaginatively tiring.

  • …the worst thing about Jai Ho is neither the lousy jokes nor the turgid songs, it’s the antiquated and aggressively stupid attempts at emotional wrangling. You get gaudy dramatic music when a woman receives an urgent kidney transplant from her son in law. You get a 30+ year old ‘brilliant’ college student who commits suicide because of a traffic jam. You get a set of goons who gel their hair, drive posh cars, wear gansta hoodies, play rap music and boast about raping women.

  • Komal Nahta
    Komal Nahta


    …not a well-scripted film but Salman Khan proves that he is bigger than the script. Salman and his action make this film an entertaining fare for the single-screen cinema audiences and the masses but the response from the multiplex-frequenting audiences will be mixed.

  • What we get from Jai Ho the movie: Salman Khan saves his family honour and, by extension, the honour of the nation, in slow motion, single-handedly dispenses a battalion of baddies, rattles off repeat-value dialogue, romances a freshly excavated young female whom we might never see on screen again, divests himself of his upper garment and wriggles his bottom.

  • JPN


    If you are a connoisseur of serious classic movies, ‘Jai Ho’ may not be your cup of tea as it is loaded with the special touch of Salman Khan. Though’ Jai Ho’ doesn’t have anything unique, it relates very well with the current social scenario of India.

  • So we get it. He’s an angel with rockstar looks. But the problem is that they drum his goodness and his Gandhian philosophy into our heads with irritating frequency. Just like Dabbang and Bodyguard, he’s like this incredible hulk. When provoked, this gentle giant turns into an animal. He snarls, he bites and sucks blood. His punchline: “The common man is like a sleeping lion, so don’t poke him” is laughable on paper, but Khan persists. Agreed, he has incredible star power but even he seems to be skating on thin ice here.