• Rohit Vats
    Rohit Vats


    There isn’t any point in talking about Jalebi’s aesthetics because it’s a film that neither knows its purpose nor destination. Varun Mitra tries his best to convince us of his emotive skills, but his scenes are so dull that even his bright smile looks dim. The less we talk about others, the better. Even in your most generous mood, you won’t find Jalebi better than the most average episode of a saas-bahu soap. My advice — try not to taste this stale, overdone offering.

  • Deccan Chronicle Team
    Deccan Chronicle Team
    Deccan Chronicle


    Bollywood fans have a good appetite for sappy love stories, but Jalebi is a kind of a film where fans will pray for the end to come as quickly and painlessly as possible. With a catch-line like ‘everlasting taste of love’, the film had a promise of delicious recipe of romance but this is a poorly baked dish which is completely devoid of any taste, forget the everlasting effect.

  • The Bhatts are known for creating romantic chartbusters even if their movies don’t pass muster.

    Do yourself a favour: Skip this Jalebi.

  • Reza Noorani
    Reza Noorani
    Times Of India


    What could have been an interesting and quirky train ride turns into a sappy, emotional tear-filled journey that seems like it will go on forever. With so many things working against it, this is definitely one dessert we’d recommend you taste with caution.

  • IANS


    An old-fashioned sweet tale of romance…Only for die-hard romantics who are suckers for a sentimental love story

  • Overall Varun Mitra leaves an impact with his act but the Jalebi is not so sweet, so you may skip it.