• Joy is a misfire, no questions asked. A crushing bore of a film from a director who has shown he’s capable of so much more.

  • Shalini Langer
    Shalini Langer
    Indian Express


    …the film belongs to Lawrence, even if she is perhaps a little too polished. As Russell struggles to get a grip on her role, she at least falls in step pretty efficiently — whether Joy is deeply crestfallen or completely overwhelmed.

  • Rohan Naahar
    Rohan Naahar
    Hindustan Times


    Russell is a genius. It usually takes just one great movie to be called that. He has three. Joy doesn’t work and that’s disappointing more than anything else.

  • Renuka Vyavahare
    Renuka Vyavahare
    Times Of India


    Heartbreaking, uplifting, liberating…Joy makes you instill faith in your abilities once again. It has that ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ (2006) feel to it.

  • Bryan Durham
    Bryan Durham
    DNA India


    Joy has an engaging beginning, a middling middle and a rather overdone ending. It has its heart in the right place, but should that be enough?

  • Aparna Singh
    Aparna Singh
    India Today


    Joy could have been a Joyous ride to the Oscars, but fell short of it. Watch the film for Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Unfortunately Russell’s craft here is not as luminous as it was in ‘Silver Linings Playbook.’ But even though it’s a hustle at best, it manages to spread out enough charm to keep you engaged.

  • Even Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper can’t save this bland film…

  • Juhi Matta
    Juhi Matta


    Though it may not feature over-the-top dramatic scenes or a ‘cha-ching’ moment, the film is honest, simple and uplifting. Don’t miss this one!

  • The joy in this 124-minute drama comes from watching the fabulously chosen cast play off each other. Joy shares with Russell’s previous feature, American Hustle, a loose and improvisational quality and a light-headed and slightly manic approach to storytelling.

  • Joy is a decent biographical drama anchored by J-Law’s performance, but fails to realise its greater ambitions.

    And J-Law is fine on her own, thank you very much. Don’t be surprised if she wipes the floor with all competition to win her second Oscar.