• Renuka Vyavahare
    Renuka Vyavahare
    Times Of India


    Leading to the big Kong vs Godzilla (2020) clash, if you don’t mind some shallow, video game-esque entertainment, this one doesn’t disappoint.

  • Bryan Durham
    Bryan Durham
    DNA India


    The rebooted King Kong has the right cast, the right effects people, but quite possibly, the wrong script. It brings the film crashing down with a thud that’s as loud as every hit that Kong lands. It’s entertaining, but only if you don’t go in expecting Oscar-worthy performances from this celebrated cast. It is the film’s soundtrack and its spectacular effects that save it.

  • ‘Skull Island’ is no doubt impressive in terms of FX and CGI and has pop-culture references that could tickle the funny bone of those brought up on American culture but there’s hardly any tension or adrenaline rush to be had. I just wish Roberts’ had taken more pains to make this one more gainful and invigorating.

  • Hilariously neither Larson nor Hiddleston have a single scratch at any point in the film, despite constantly running around, being attacked, tumbling about and even crashing from a chopper. It only invokes the hatred of humans found in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, another film in which the sub humans were the stars. One wishes this movie contained the nuanced dynamics between humans and the ‘monsters’ from that one.

  • Bollywood Life
    Bollywood Life
    Bollywood Life


    Kong: Skull Island is perfect for viewers who love mindless creature flicks where people get killed a lot. Search for a little depth in the premise, and you will certainly face disappointment. Go, enjoy seeing Kong killing a few monsters and beating his chest like a true warrior. That alone is worth your popcorn.

  • Kong: Skull Island not only wants to be a monster movie, it wants to be a monster movie in the Trump era. Fair enough. But first it should have got right the basic pleasures of the genre.

  • IANS


    Overall, the calm ending is a downer. But for an exhilarating experience, it is advisable to watch the film through a child’s forgiving eyes. For otherwise, Kong: Skull Island is just another man versus monster tale.

  • Watch this movie if you’re ready to endure creepy-crawlies fight each other repeatedly against a scenic backdrop for two hours.