• It’s a smart film with thrills – now how often do you get to see one of those?

  • Raja Sen
    Raja Sen


    Looper has a mixed bag of influences — as diverse as Memento, The Terminator and The Omen — but proves to be sharper, smarter and more ambitious than even those unforgettable ones. There are minor plotholes, but the film bounds over them with swift, self-assured grace, climaxing ultimately with a finely foreshadowed finale that ties everything up shrewdly and masterfully: a rarity for the science-fiction genre, and a tremendous narrative achievement that makes me want to watch it again right now.

  • There are science fiction films that deal with the subject of time travel and then there is Looper, which comes across as refreshingly original as well as entertaining, with a story full of interesting twists. Notwithstanding the flash and slick visuals, director Rian Johnson always keeps the storyline to the fore. Events are explained in a fairly simple manner as the plot smoothly unfolds. The film will leave you satisfied and entertained after one watch. And there’s a pretty good chance you’d want to watch it again.

  • Shalini Langer
    Shalini Langer
    Indian Express


    TIME travel is a conveninent science fiction tool,allowing many a story to cut corners and jump loopholes. Not here. In Looper,it’s a starting point to tell a story about actions,consequences and choices — the smaller moments,not 30-year back-and-forth travel,which bend and shape lives.

  • Probably the best set-up sci-fi film you are likely to encounter in a while, Looper is worth engaging with.

  • Pratyush


    For the love of Sci-fi cinema DO NOT leave your brains at home. Worth a watch!