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Power is a 2014 Telugu film directed by prominent screenplay writer K. S. Ravindra which is his debut film as a director. Wikipedia

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Hindustan Times
Hindustan Times


Power shows how lazy Telugu filmmakers who team up with stars have become.Power is botched up entertainment.

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Times Of India


The first half of the film is entertaining and then, in the second half, the onus falls upon Ravi Teja's shoulders to carry the film with his power-packed performance. The climax is mighty disappointing and it's anybody's guess why the film feels longer than what the runtime is. In the end, Power is like all mix fruit juice. You know exactly what ingredients have been used to make it and what their source is, but the deja vu is too strong to shake it off your mind.


...even though a nothing new concept and plot, Power has the elements required to bring the audience to theaters. Given the several mass elements, the film will go well with the B,C audience. If not for Aagadu coming in the next week, the movie should be a big hit for Ravi Teja.


Go to Power if you love Ravi Teja’s films. Otherwise, the screenplay is just a new twist on every old turn in his earlier masala flicks. If you love Brahmanandam you will enjoy this movie, especially its surprise element.

Power tries hard to amuse and has a hangover of Kick and Vikramarkudu. Ravi Teja does his part well but the film itself offers nothing new.

To look for mainstream plot, esthetics or treatment in Power is pointless. It is shamelessly commercial. On the whole, even if you are a big fan of no-brainer commercial entertainers, we would suggest you to watch Power on home edition.

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Great Andhra


In all, Ravi Teja fans will be happy watching him play yet another mass character. But Power lacks that extra something which makes for a successful, racy commercial entertainer.

Audience Reviews for Power

  • Sudheer
    1 review

    its not the old story but it had been amazing to see a new charectar of the police with corrupted. but taking the un-corrupted police officers in the form of the corrupted officer. twist are the hilights in the cinema must watch all f you

    September 13, 14