• Despite an overlong final act, Prisoners is a remarkable exploration of characters under pressure. Packed with surprising twists, it keeps you guessing until the end. I’m going with four out of five. Don’t miss it.

  • A film with many emotional components, the visceral panic, desperation and helplessness any parent would feel when their children are abducted, forms its bedrock. Each watershed point takes its own time to build. This ensures that you will want to pay attention to the details that makes Prisoners so enjoyable.

  • Prisoners is a tight gripping thriller that will engage you from the very first frame.

  • Sachin Chatte
    Sachin Chatte
    The Navhind Times


    Prisoners is an intense film, even though it is on the longer side, it gets you hook, line and sinker. It gives you the same feeling when you read a highly engrossing novel, which you wish would never end.

  • There’s plenty of religious symbolism but Villeneuve establishes a chilling moral subtext to it all and lets you make judgments – little details like these is what makes Prisoners so good. And when you veer from feeling hate to pity for the suspect, you know you’re watching great cinema.

  • Neha Pinto
    Neha Pinto


    A haunting story that will leave you a maze and make you question morality. A twisted film like this is sure to leave a lasting impression. If you watched The Frozen Ground and thought it was a classy crime-thriller, watch Prisoner’s and you will be numbed. The film is easily one of the most disturbing film’s of the year.