• To describe this film as paisa vasool or time pass is to confess that you really don’t have a life. Because apart from two energetically filmed songs – ‘Character dheela hai’ and ‘Dhinka chika’ – this film offers little by way of entertainment. Salman Khan fans, I assure you that reruns of his ‘Dus Ka Dum’ episodes on Youtube are more likely to make you smile than this agonisingly boring film that wastes the charm of its immensely charismatic star.

  • Raja Sen
    Raja Sen


    Those who are clapping for this film almost got the phrase right, only it’s more extortionate than value for money: the accurate term is “paisa vasooli.” Pay up.

  • Ready made me laugh sporadically but beyond a point I could almost feel my brain cells shrinking and exhaustion setting in, one joke at a time.

  • If you’re a Sallu fan, you won’t feel let down.