• Suresh Kavirayani
    Suresh Kavirayani
    Deccan Chronicle


    The film, however, is a bit slow and lacks drama and emotion. The director has concentrated more on establishing Rudhramadevi’s character but does not delve into her emotions much. The computer graphics too are not up to the mark. Watch Rudhramadevi for a glimpse into Telugu history and culture and how a woman struggled to regain power and cement her place in history.

  • IANS


    While the first half of the film is interesting, the second half of the narration drags. It is the verbose exposition coupled with; the never ending battles scenes, numerous characters with odd sounding names and poorly synchronised dubbing, that weighs the film down. Overall, the film gives a fair insight into this historical biopic.

  • Pranita Jonnalagedda
    Pranita Jonnalagedda
    Times Of India


    The film’s graphics are lacklustre and tacky with the 3D feeling unnecessary, but Gunasekhar tries to make up for it with a narrative. And he does present a pretty decent tale where he presents interesting details about history.

  • Subhash K Jha
    Subhash K Jha


    Gunashekar has recreated the 13th century with magnificent dexterity. This is a milestone of a film with a powerful message on women’s empowerment. No matter what your mother tongue doesn’t miss this opulent ode to the power of the feminine spirit to make war and babies.

  • IndiaGlitz
    India Glitz


    It is not Anushka’s film all the way. There is an unexpected dose of Allu Arjun’s quirkiness here. Some cliched elements like Anushka’s fiery dance in the climax could have been avoided. Fairly good writing otherwise.

  • The scale and rich historical importance is major plus point of director Gunasekhar’s laborious movie but the narration is quite ineffective. Despite Allu Arjun’s stellar show and Anushka’s hard work, Rudramadevi makes the movie a tedious watch post interval. But we should appreciate Gunasekhar for taking such effort to present us our rich Telugu history on to the screen.

  • Breathtaking in scope and action and surprisingly precise characterizations despite whatever ethnically dubious casting choices. Gunaa’s expertise in the machinery of the genre reaches its pinnacle. The Rudhramadevi – Gonna Ganna Reddy final scene is stroke of genius. On the whole, Rudhramadevi is another epic from master Guaa, very enjoyable.

  • On the whole, Rudrama Devi is a decent attempt from Gunasekhar. Heavy duty star cast, rich visuals and Allu Arjun’s stunning character elevate the film to a decent level. But a dragged out narration and slow pace of the film makes things tedious during the second half. The film is bound to get some huge openings because of the buzz it is carrying. Finally, if you keep all your expectations in check and go with the flow of the film, you can easily give this film a shot for its lavish film making and historical lineage.