• The rain never stops in Rahi Anil Barve’s “Tumbbad”. It pelts the ground relentlessly, rendering everything else insignificant and giving the film an eerie atmosphere and a sense of foreboding. This gloom is what gives the film its best attribute – atmospherics. Barve’s film is redolent with a texture and detail that is rare in Indian films.

  • Komal Nahta
    Komal Nahta
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    Tumbbad is a class-appealing horror film meant for the big cities mainly. Its poor start is a minus point.

  • A visually rich blend of fear and folklore…‘Tumbbad ‘ is a technically accomplished and edgy home-grown horror fantasy

  • Namrata Joshi
    Namrata Joshi
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    The atmosphere, landscape, and themes in ‘Tumbbad’ are accentuated by a sense of Gothic dread and an eerie expectancy of the diabolical

  • Barve and his team of collaborators leave much to interpretation, but Tumbbad, derived from the works of Marathi pulp horror writer Narayan Dharap (he is known for his Stephen King adaptations in Marathi), is a thrilling cinematic experience just as a horror film. For film lovers, the genre-bending is gratifying. It has been a while since a horror film spoke so eloquently about something as primal as greed and remained true to its Indian (Marathi) setting.