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Vishwaroop is a 2013 spy thriller film written, directed and co-produced by Kamal Haasan who also enacts the lead role. Wikipedia

Vishwaroopam Reviews


A lot of it is unabashedly entertaining, although you'll wish the film was shorter and smarter.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


This is a fill it-shut it-forget it film, whose big budget slickness never overpowers it, and which holds you while it lasts.

Anupama Chopra
Hindustan Times


I think it's worth watching Vishwaroop just to see Kamal Haasan in form, especially as the effeminate dance teacher. After all, how many terrorist thrillers start with a kathak dance performance artfully choreographed by the legendary Birju Maharaj?

For a spy thriller that takes bits and pieces from Hollywood hits like True Lies and Indian films like My Name is Khan, Vishwaroop fails to excite you with its dull pace and insipid action sequences.

A slew of fine supporting performances by Rahul Bose, Jaideep Ahlawat and Shekhar Kapur, among others, adds weight to an already formidable film. Vishwaroop is a must watch.


The film is a delicious watch for its dramatic action, brilliant stunts and mostly for the characters that Rahul Bose and Kamal Haasan so flawlessly deliver to us!

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


VISHWAROOP is a Kamal Haasan show all the way. It has an interesting premise, superb combat scenes and Kamal Haasan's bravura act as its three aces. But a stretched second hour and far from dramatic finale dilute the impact. Yet, all said and done, those with an appetite for well-made thrillers might relish this effort!

Audience Reviews for Vishwaroopam

  • Ajay lawyer
    Ajay lawyer
    85 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    maximum lag scenes are there

    July 24, 17
  • Prashast Singh
    Prashast Singh
    34 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Kamal Haasan is an excellent actor, we know that. He's a good writer, we know that too. He's a good director as well, we even know that. And for those who don't know, we recommend watching VISHWAROOP. Once you will watch it, you will not be able to forget it. It's an unforgettable, thrilling and adventurous action film that can't be described easily in words.

    First things first. VISHWAROOP is not a dubbed film from south. It's a straight Bollywood film. Therefore, original Hindi cinema lovers can definitely watch it without thinking much. It's a story about crime, hatred, and what all leads to a war. Right from the beginning frame, Kamal Haasan wins you over as a writer and a director. His creativity angle in the story makes it at par with world cinema.

    Since it's an action thriller full of suspense and surprises, it won't be good to disclose anything about the story of the film. It's better to watch it on your own to realize how great this film is. The story and screenplay both are amazing, and you wonder how come an actor can write such an interesting story with an even engaging screenplay. The visual effects are very nice and the camera work is top notch. Especially, the scenes of war and the fight sequences look amazing and you wish to just react in surprise. And yes, the action sequences are excellently choreographed and executed, and they look a treat to watch.

    Kamal Haasan finally comes with a Hindi film after a long time. He is the soul of the film. The way he acts and reacts, gives the film an extra boost. Pooja Kumar thankfully has an important role unlike all heroines and she plays it well. Same for Andrea Jeremiah, who too has an impressive part and plays it well,till the end. Rahul Bose as the antagonist is menacing in several sequences. The other cast too leaves the desired impact.

    The music is surprisingly excellent. The background score and all songs deserve a 100% rating. The title track is the best one. And the best part is that the editing is also very good, the songs do appear only when needed. There are several scenes that deserve special mention. Many time freeze sequences are filmed very well, and they add to the curiosity and tension of the scene. Very well played, indeed!

    On the whole, VISHWAROOP is an unforgettable experience that deserves to be watched and loved by all audiences. It's a kind of film never seen before and it has got all the stuff to entertain and enthrall you. What then? Just go, and watch!

    July 17, 17