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Waarrior Savitri

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A modern day adaptation of the legendary fable of Savitri, Satyavaan and Yamaraj from Mahabharata, one of the major Sanskrit epics of ancient India. The modern day Savitri is adept in martial arts and will do anything to save her husband.Wikipedia

Waarrior Savitri Reviews

...a tackily mounted film that fails to appeal. His story, screenplay, plot, characterisation and action sequences are all sketchily crafted, and the outcome is a boring, tedious affair. There is nothing that elevates the viewing experience.

Renuka Vyavahare
Times Of India


The elongated love scenes are awkward, since there is no chemistry between the lead actors. Overall, you can skip this one.

Zee News


Watch, "Waarrior Savitri" only if you have time to spare and nothing better to do.

Namrata Joshi
The Hindu


Somewhere along the line the film turns into yet another skin and sex show. That too, a boring rather than titillating one — the kind in which the man is fully clothed in a swimming pool while the woman wears the itsy-bitsy bikini. Add to all this a dash of mythology, the talk of reeti-riwaaz and Shiva puja and all is well for letting the 21stcentury heroine go on a kissing spree.

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