• Koyelaanchal is a film which is nothing less than torture.

  • Naming the goat in the film Shah Rukh seems amusing and quirky. Still, it is unlikely to get you to rush to theatres the way you do for a SRK film. Ultimately, Yeh Hai Bakrapur turns out to be a lost cause. Watching it on TV may make better sense.

  • What else do you say about this Purani Jeans? It may keep you off your favourite denims for a long time. So better you stay away from this film.

  • After seeing this film you miss the Rajeev Khandelwal who debuted in the brilliantly made Aamir (2008). Better to watch the more thrilling CID on TV then suffer Samrat and his company.

  • Revolver Rani is not a compelling watch like Queen but Revolver Rani has got Kangana and she is pretty much why you should watch this film.

  • Main Tera Hero is not exactly David Dhawan of yore but it comes close. Largely, due to the effortless charm of Varun Dhawan. Worth a shot for some Varungiri. An extra star just for that.

  • The filmmakers had enough matter to turn it into a riveting screenplay. Alas, they focused on vulgar jokes, unnecessary songs and some juvenile slapstick moments. What you get at the end of it all is a shoddy product which is not worth watching even if someone paid for your ticket.

  • Harman Baweja struggles to create an impact in this drab and listless film. He only succeeds in announcing to the world what a chiseled body he’s got. Surely, you are not going to bite the bullet for Dishkiyaoon then.

  • It’s not for the faint hearted. If you are looking for entertainment then Nagesh Kukunoor’s extremely disturbing film Lakshmi about the menace of child prostitution is not something you should be heading the theatres for. Also, if you do not have the stomach to digest brutally graphic violent scenes, you may not want to spend that Rs.200 on a multiplex ticket, where this film is most likely to find a limited release.

  • Sadly, even the combined acting efforts of Khurrana and Kapoor are not able to lift this story above the very ordinary. As for Sonam, she fails to impress.

    It would be a bewkoofi to spend your money on this one in a theatre. On TV, you could give it a try but just for that little crackling nok-jhok between Khurrana and Kapoor.

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