• While one didn’t expect it to match the original film, Aarathu Sinam was disappointing as it didn’t match low expectations either.

  • When their town is invaded by zombies, the residents seem to be quite calm and collected, except for occasional screaming. The movie is quite tiring by the end.

    The zombies of Hollywood will do a far better job of entertaining you than Miruthan.

  • The Tamil remake is poorly made in contrast— the screenplay doesn’t hold your interest, some of the actors’ performances are mechanical and you don’t connect to the characters. The film is like a soda pop gone flat.

  • As far as the story goes, it is not gripping enough to be termed a crime thriller. There are not too many twists and the storyline is weak. It doesn’t seem plausible that the protagonist, a librarian, is otherwise like a ninja! Music director Harris Jayaraj has scored the music for the film but the songs are all forgettable. Luckily, the BGM is better.

  • This movie is an out and out commercial entertainer. Director Siruthai Siva has ensured that there is plenty for Ajith fans and the family audience. Ajith has punch dialogues, high octane action sequences and all the right dance moves. He plays the good and the bad with ease and is a treat to watch on screen.

  • Vijay’s film is a visual treat, but the screenplay is disappointing…Watch the film if you have nothing better to do this long weekend!

  • The script in this film is a big let-down. The first half of the film is really trying on the audience because it focuses heavily on the Vishal-Kajal romance which is extremely insipid and badly written. Kajal appears for some scenes and a few songs and her acting (or lack thereof) doesn’t impress you.

  • This movie is a one-time watch – you can watch it for Arulnithi and Singam Puli.

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