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Ankur Arora Murder Case

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Ankur Arora Murder Case is a Bollywood medical thriller film directed by Suhail Tatari and written by Vikram Bhatt. The film takes up an urgent and disturbing issue of death during surgery and is based on a real-life incident where a boy dies on the operation table due to medical negligence. The shooting of the film started after nearly one year of research and similarities to real life are in this case, not coincidental. Wikipedia

Ankur Arora Murder Case Reviews

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


The film intends to be part hospital procedural, part courtroom drama, with a dash of chase-and-hunt thriller, all very Robin Cook-ish. But it never really gets there.

This is not a Satyameva Jayate and director Suhail Tatari isn't tugging your heart strings a la Aamir Khan. The intention is to highlight a different theme while ensuring that the narrative doesn't get into the art house zone.

It is a well-meaning, proficiently crafted and competently acted drama about the wages of medical skullduggery. But Ankur Arora Murder Case fails to make a strong enough case for itself.

Gaurav Malani
Times of India


Ankur Arora Murder Case is a film that will scare you and make you squirm in your seats. It makes a significant statement that no life is less significant!

Meena Iyer
Times of India


Tatari is a winner in his choice of a subject. However while the film is an eye-opener on medical skullduggery, it fails to become cutting edge cinema because the screenplay offers few surprises.

Performances are consistent with most of the cast going out of the way to try and deliver more than expected. The film engages you in the beginning but loses steam because of a its weak execution.


Following from the popular American sitcom Grey’s Anatomy in its idea and execution, the film with its drooping second half, shallow approach and mostly overtly melodramatic screenplay packed with unnecessary dialogues make it a terrible drag

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE illustrates and spotlights on the gaffes in the medical profession most persuasively. A heartfelt effort that deserves to be watched!


The whole effort leaves one asking for more because it lacks finesse. Sloppy editing coupled with soulless dialogues and unneeded adherence to clichés play spoilsport.

Zee News


This is is a far cleverer, wiser and relevant film than most of what we get to see these days. At a time when Bollywood is raining bubbles, this sobering clenched disturbing medical thriller comes as an invigorating cloudburst.

Karan Anshuman
Mumbai Mirror


Ankur Arora has an important point to make and a scary reality to represent. Often we equate doctors with god-like reverence, but occasionally they might mistakenly believe that they are, indeed, god

Reviewer Profile
MTV India


"Ankur Arora Murder Case" is one of the most gripping moral dramas in recent times. The deftly crafted script raises the question of right and wrong in the medical profession without getting preachy or hysterical.

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