• Shubhra Gupta
    Shubhra Gupta
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    Dabangg 3, which has a long back-story of how Chulbul came to be called Chulbul, is not just a dreary mish-mash of the previous ones; it’s also a cringe-fest.

  • The challenge to a popular movie franchise like Dabangg is that it requires novelty and sameness in equal parts and the team does get its balance right.

  • Dabangg 3 is the kind of indulgent rubbish that dispels the fundamentals of film-making to highlight its hero’s virtue and vigour at any cost…

  • The drab storyline scrapes the bottom of the genre barrel despite an impressive performance from Kichcha Sudeep.

  • Some films are experiences, and therefore, shouldn’t be restricted with star ratings, or discussions about the film’s merit. A Salman Khan film, in this context, is a rollercoaster ride. You buy a ticket, stand in line, take your seat, buckle yourself up, and pray to the almighty that you don’t puke on thy neighbour.

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    A Tired, Overlong Potboiler That Suffers From Lack Of Surprise

  • Somewhere in the middle of Dabangg 3, Rajjo tells Chulbul that she will never again force him to take a ’70s-’80s style kasam (oath). Never mind the context. I do wish Bollywood would take a kasam here and now to lay Chulbul Pandey a.k.a. Robinhood Pandey to rest.

  • For most of Salman Khan fans, his film is a euphoria. It’s about a god-like fandom which defies the logic and deductions enumerated in the four-column reviews of the critics. The third installment of Dabangg series begets the question: Can you sustain and gain from the tactic for far too long? Irrespective of what any critic would tell you, there can hardly be a doubt that there is nothing that can stop a Salman Khan film at the box office. However, wise people say, never say never!