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Inspired from the true events, 'Jigariyaa' tells the tale of Shyamlal Gupta (Shaamu) and Radhika Sharma (Raadha). Shaamu, the only son of halwaai Ramlal Gupta is a happy go lucky boy based in Agra, the city of love. He spends his days writing sheyr-o-shayari admired by his motley group of good-for-nothing friends and his doting mother.

Jigariyaa Reviews

Renuka Vyavahare
Times Of India


...the film can be watched for its purity and simplicity. It ably captures the beauty of small towns and first love...love before technology happened. Love before sexual desire found its place in films.

Faheem Ruhani
India Today


...there is nothing new this love story offers. Its treatment is something that you have seen in various small town love stories before.

JIGARIYAA is a love story that lacks the lustre of romance with cliches and an elongated runtime.


Getting a ticket to a Jigariyaa show that hasn’t been cancelled in a multiplex should be a challenge. And that should be considered a statutory warning.


JIGARIYAA is a pleasant movie and youngsters will surely enjoy watching it. This is love before the times of violence! You need Chutzpah to make a movie like this!

The big drawback of the film, however, is its pace. While one understands the need to go slow for the love story to develop, the film would have held the curiosity and attention longer if it moved faster as today’s audience is far less patient than those that loved and revered films like Ek Duuje Ke Liye and the likes from the 80s. Do watch if you are an incurable romantic and are looking for something other than the usual fare.

Subhash K Jha


Jigariyaa is splashy flamboyant colourful earthy take on Romeo & Juliet. The film gives us an impressively intuitive debutant Harsh Vardhan who seems to know more about love in Agra than tragedy in Shakespeare.Star-crossed love against the backdrop of the Taj Mahal played out a high octave… Yes, it works.

Mansha Rastogi


Jigariyaa has a freshness of romance, innocence in mush and infectious energy of actors which should be given a chance despite its many flaws.

Rahul Desai
Mumbai Mirror


Despite its design as a timeless saga, one ends up feeling most of the 135 meditative minutes. Nevertheless, there is something about this film, perhaps an oldworld charm and innocence missing in today's flashy love stories.

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