• As one of the characters quizzes, why must we do every thing out of necessity, why can’t few things done for the fun of it, Shaandaar is simply fun, fun, fun and frothy enough to pull it off.

  • While it does not live up to its title as a package, it fulfils much of the expectations that the audience might have from a film produced jointly by Karan Johar on the one hand and Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap on the other.

    It brings together two different worlds and succeeds in striking a balance between the two. For that, and for much else, Shaandaar deserves hearty ovation.

  • …is a feel good movie that will make you leave the cinema hall with a smile on your face, despite its flaws. It will mainly appeal to the youth who seem to be the target audience for the film.

  • There are a lot of good moments in ‘Shaandaar’ but they are not stringed together as seamlessly as they were in ‘Queen’. I guess, the crux of the issue is that the plot here is not as solid and cohesive as the Kangana starrer. In that sense, nothing feels repetitive in this film, our director shows a very indulgent side of his personality here as opposed to the restraint he had shown in his previous film.

  • Stutee Ghosh
    Stutee Ghosh


    Suffice to say that Shaandaar is no Queen. A fairytale warrants a happy ending. Sadly this one leaves us hungry for something more substantial. It visually stunning but unlike Queen this one isn’t for everyone. Go for it only if you are a Shahid-Alia fan.

  • A perfect recipe made out of crackling humour, love-teased cameo, family drama and a few ‘wake up’ moments of life. This brings us to the climax of the film which was the best. Oh what a ‘raita failau’ closure Bahl gives to the movie!

  • IndiaGlitz
    India Glitz


    …isn’t so Shaandaar afterall. However, being a rom-com and in the name of Vikas Bahl, I recommend it to be watched at least ones.

  • Must watch movie people! Shaandaar is everything that you need this weekend, so don’t miss watching it in the theaters with your loved ones by your side!

  • It is great to watch, enjoyable in parts, a treat for romantics who finally get a film that is more than trials and tribulations of love but it never gives you the heady high of mushrooms and pot brownies. Shaandaar isn’t all that Shaandaar but is a breezy, feel-good entertainment that will soon in future will be counted as comfort-cinema. Bahl deserves to be applauded for creating newer tangents to deliver on and not replicating what already exists. Until next time, dream on!

  • As a film, it works overall despite the flawed screenplay and the overdone gimmicks like animation, excessive VFX and DI and what-have-you. Somewhere in the confusion, director Vikas Bahl, the man who made two landmark films, “Chillar Party” (with a co-director) and “Queen,” wants to tell a different story in a tried-and-tested genre and ends up telling it decently.