• Big B’s buoyant performance, aided by Ritesh Shah’s sharp writing, chews into the malicious chauvinism. Director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury never loses his grip through the narrative and the extra layer of intrigue becomes more effective thanks to the taut editing by Bodhaditya Banerjee. Pink is quintessentially baar baar dekho!
    If there is one film you watch this whole year, make sure it is this!

  • Go for it with minimal expectations. Sonakshi and Anurag Kashyap pack a powerful punch, but the script fails to impress.

  • Apart from Akshay, who looks dapper in his white Navy uniform, the loose narrative fails to hold our attention.

  • The film will not only test your patience but also your loyalty towards Hrithik Roshan. Go for it at your own risk!

  • Except for a few good films, when a biopic meets Bollywood the end product is ususally not great, but that isn’t the case with this film. The heart of the film lies in the beautifully crafted relationship between Budhia played by little Mayur Patole and his coach played by Manoj Bajpai. So in all, this movie grasps your attention from start till the end. If you’re looking for a moving watch, Budhia Singh-Born To Run seems like the apt choice.

  • Dishoom is everything you expect a typical Bollywood masala entertainer to be. A wafer-thin plot, flashy action sequences, crowed pleasing dialogues and a bevy of beauties gyrating to some foot tapping number. But for all its silliness it is still watchable thanks to John Abraham and Varun Dhawan being easy on the eyes.

  • The weak plot and its amateurish maneuverings frequently bring us to a state where badly choreographed scenes of mayhem and rioting are met with nothing more than hollow, long-winded speeches about insaaniyat. It gets to us after a while, because the depth that such a subject warrants here is as thin as a Jimmy Shergill mooch! Also, the song interjections do precious little to keep us engaged.

  • Raman Raghav 2.0 is not for everyone but if you are a fan of Anurag Kashyap’s brazen style of story-telling, you might forgive the predictable second half and still come out happy! It falters, but Nawazuddin Siddiqui makes it worth your time.

  • A more convincing back-story and more time at hand to grapple with the various clues would have been ideal.
    But go for Te3n to witness the beauty of Amitabh Bachchan. He alone is reason enough!

  • Ram Gopal Varma has misplaced his filmmaking skills and he still can’t find it! Veerappan tells us that it took 10 years to kill Osama, 20 years to kill Veerappan and let me inform you it took 203 minutes to bore us to death ! Apart from Sandeep Bhardwaj, who plays Veerappan and does an amazing job of it, there is hardly anything new being offered . Wait for it to come on TV !

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