• ‘Zootopia’ is a fun ride with with a relevant message and makes you leave the theater with serious questions running through mind. A perfect teaching for the young and the adults alike. Bravo! Disney studio, you did it again!

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    Hindustan Times
    Hindustan Times


    This one is a perfect choice for a movie night with the entire family. Your dad and mom will enjoy it for the commentary it makes on society and its illogical prejudices, all the while cracking witty jokes on animal puns. Your kids will love it for the adorable animation and the thrill of an adventure while you will love it for both of these things.

  • While there has been a smattering of animated films out in the last couple of months, few can lay claim to having a lasting, residual feel-good factor to it. Some go over-the-top in terms of colour saturation. Others were just too outlandish and some are crammed full of moralistic messages for children. But thankfully, Zootopia doesn’t suffer from any of these wearisome traits.

  • Bryan Durham
    Bryan Durham
    DNA India


    Zootopia is the sort of film that wants to make a point and even does it well, but it also does leave you a little cynical by the end of it. But hey, that’s life!

  • Rachit Gupta
    Rachit Gupta


    Whether you are a child or a parent, there’s unlimited fun to be had in Zootopia. It’s a crazy ride to a world where imagination fuels an entertainment effort like never before. It’s easily one of Disney’s best films in recent past, and that’s not an exaggeration. It’s easily one of the best animated films of your lifetime.

  • Crowned by loads of attitude, eye-pleasing animation, trendy music and sharply suave voicing, this Zootopia is sure to draw the audience in like bees to a honey pot.

  • With life lessons and smart characters, this Disney film is a superb watch…

  • Biprorshee Das
    Biprorshee Das


    What works beautifully for Zootopia is the sweet balance the movie maintains between humor that is subtle and in-your-face. You will do well to constantly look out for fine jabs, wit that isn’t most obvious, and smile. Watch out for the logo behind Officer Hopps’ phone, for instance. Zootopia also scores with the message it conveys. Whether it is how persistence is the key to success or the understated yet very relevant moral that one rotten apple does not make the entire basket awful, there is something to take home here.

  • The new Disney animation movie is an innocuous, enjoyable anthropomorphic parable that doesn’t dig too deep.

  • David Tusing
    David Tusing
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    Just when it was looking like animated animal movies had run out of anything original to say, along comes the smartly amusing, crisply relevant Zootopia to handily demonstrate there’s still plenty of bite left in the anthropomorphic CG menagerie.

  • Packed with beautifully animated creatures, this animated movie is a winner…