• One doesn’t hold it against him too much though. His fate is akin to that of the viewer’s, who too will struggle to make sense of this film which meanders in twenty different directions, much like a kite stranded in the wind…

  • Believe it or faint, but Rangeela Raja is all about curing men of toxic masculinity and the sense of entitlement they have towards female companionship. It’s a cautionary tale against rape culture. Only it does it all in such an over the top and hamfisted manner, that you wonder what was the point of it all.

  • What this movie lacks is self-belief and great music. If the whole point of the film was to make it a tribute to Michael Jackson then MJ’s original tunes should have been used.

  • Given the scope of his role, gross injustice has been done to Denzel Washington’s dramatic abilities. We would have loved to know how his character shaped up over the years and how he managed to survive in a White man’s landscape. There was enough potential for his character to have evolved into something truly magnificent but the chance was let slip by the director. And that, sadly, is by and large true for the whole film itself…

  • Sajid-Farhad had ample opportunities to make a genuinely campy situational comedy but bungled it. The actors involved try their hardest to rise above the material given to them. They are all at ease with each other and a little more directorial effort would have made it a nice ensemble film. 

  • I’m sure Sanjay Dutt doesn’t want such films as a part of his legacy. So for the love of god and movies, he should say no to such proposals in the future. He should stick to Gandhigiri and not policegiri.

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