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Judwaa 2

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Separated at birth and peculiarly connected via their reflexes, twins Prem and Raja are reunited with each other as they set out to take down the underground smuggling world.Wikipedia

Judwaa 2 Reviews


There’s no question that if there had to be a remake of Judwaa, it had to have Varun Dhawan. The more important question is – did there really have to be a remake of Judwaa in the first place?I’m going with two out of five. I laughed a few times.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


With a lot of high-octane drama movies like Bhoomi and Haseena Parkar, this light-hearted comedy by David Dhawan definitely stands a better chance. The Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu starrer is the perfect dose of candyfloss romance, exotic locales and a colourful canvas.

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


Judwaa 2, like the original, isn’t a piece of art, in fact it’s mediocre, but it’s that one film which may lift your mood. At 149-minutes, this slapstick comedy has some really laugh-worthy moments.

Suparna Sharma
Deccan Chronicle


Varun can do action, comedy, romance, dance, look queer, yet in all of these it’s also very apparent that he’s faking it, pretending.

Varun does the best he can. But it is like the orange jeans he wears, resembling Salman’s in Judwaa. Only this one is ripped in places. 

Meena Iyer
Times Of India


Lame lyrics, loud gags and leggy lasses never really hurt anyone. Believe me, at one point, you're tempted to join Varun when he is doing those perfect pelvic thrusts. Judwaa 2 could be a substitute for your Dussehra party. Consult Salman, even he sportingly shows up in a cameo in the end.

"Judwaa 2" is already treading on thin ice, given it never had strong material to begin with. Thankfully, as in the original, it has a leading man with enough screen presence to manage scenes that would be too outlandish otherwise.

Sarita Tanwar
DNA India


Judwaa 2 is a lot of unadulterated old-school fun. Watch it for its brazen humour and Varun Dhawan’s spectacular act.

For all those who live, breathe and eat David Dhawan’s style of filmmaking, Judwaa 2 will surely make you happy and feel proud about your idol. Secondly, the film is a must watch for all the zillion plus fans (mostly Gen-Next) of Varun Dhawan. Judwaa 2 surely has the potential to grow big majorly through the word of mouth publicity, whose catalysts will be the college going crowd, for whom, missing a Varun Dhawan film is an unpardonable sin! But, for the rest of the gang, watching the original Judwaa a thousand times over will serve you more good.

Suhani Singh
India Today


...even Varun Dhawan 's high-octane performance which includes many digs at the film industry can't hide how David Dhawan's idea of funny is loud, sexist, mostly cringe-worthy and frankly too outdated.


All said and done, I conclude by recollecting the scene from the movie's climax where Salman khan makes his grand cameo in a double role. Both the judwaas - Salman and Varun make a jig at 'tan tana tan tan tan tara', Varun says very good and asks Salman to do it once again, Salman Khan obliges, Varun asks for 'tibara' (third time) Salman Khan disappears.. TAN TANA TAN TAN TAN TARA..kya kare Varun bechara..

It's funny in parts, but meanders in the second half. As one of the tracks goes: Chalti hai kya nau se barah? It's your call.


Footnote: The Censor Board asked Dhawan to remove a shot of Lord Krishna dancing and playing the saxophone in the song Suno Ganpati BappaMorya. It is clear from their directive that they have not understood the ABC of the playful down-to-earthness that is the hallmark of Hindu mythology.

Komal Nahta
Komal Nahta's Blog


Judwaa 2 is a hit as it will appeal to all sections of the audience – youth, masses, families and even a good chunk of the classes. It will score in multiplexes and single-screen cinemas and in ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ class centres. The first four-day weekend (with holiday for Dassera tomorrow (30th) and for Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October)) will ensure that the film easily crosses the Rs. 100-crore mark in its second week.

Manisha Lakhe


Judwaa 2 is louder and bigger and bolder and Varun Dhawan may not be Salman Khan, but he holds his own, both as Prem and Raja. Fun watch for the younger generation.

Tushar Joshi
Bollywood Life


Judwaa 2 is super entertaining for fans of the original as well as for those who are coming in to watch Varun Dhawan

Audience Reviews for Judwaa 2

  • Bindu Cherungath
    Bindu Cherungath
    126 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Judwaa 2, a film by David Dhawan, is the remake of Salman Khan’s Judwaa (1997). David Dhawan is known for his comedy films. David Dhawan’s combination with his stars viz. Govinda, Salman Khan etc. had certainly done wonders in the past at box office and also as far as entertainment values were concerned (in nineties). Judwaa with Salman Khan was no exception to this. Judwaa 2 is just a copy of the original Judwaa, with certain changes to the dialogues so as to incorporate the contemporary what’s app jokes. In fact, 1997 Judwaa is remake of Nagarjuna’s Telugu film Hello Bother (1994), which was in turn inspired from Jackie Chan’s Twin Dragons (1992). Years went by, obviously the world has changed. The sensibilities of the audience towards a film or the plot have already changed in last twenty years. Many jokes, or situations of the earlier version shown in Judwaa 2 seemed absolutely out of context, misfit and irrelevant. So, one of the pertinent questions which arise is whether this remake of Judwaa 2 was required at all or not. One thing is for sure that Varun Dhawan is the ideal choice to pull off the double role. Varun Dhawan is one of the contemporary actor who really puts his heart and soul into the characters, which we saw in his few films especially Badlapur. In Judwaa 2 as well, although Varun Dhawan is in terrific form, but not in his original form, he imitates Salman’s style at many points. Varun Dhawan has certainly made the two lead twin characters look different through his mannerisms, but comparisons are bound to happen between the original Judwaa Salman Khan and Varun Dhawan. Judwaa 2 is not a great entertainer, although, there are certain moments, where one bursts out into laughter.

    The film begins with a businessman Rajiv Malhotra’s (Sachin) presence of mind to help the police to catch hold of a criminal Charles (Zakir Hussain). Parallelly, Rajiv’s wife (Prachi) delivers twin boys at the hospital. Charles runs away with one of the boys as a revenge, he gets caught but the child gets separated from parents. So, that is how Prem and Raja (Varun Dhawan) are introduced. Prem is brought up at London and Raja at Mumbai Versova. Prem is sophisticated music loving student and Raja is tapori. Raja also reached London along with his friend Nandu (Rajpal Yadav) with the help of Pappu Passport (Johny Lever). And that is when, challenges for Prem and Raja begin as they were born as conjoined twins, which means when they are in the same geographical location, their reflexes are same. Alishka (Jacqueline Fernandez) and Samaira (Taapsee Pannu) are the girls in Raja and Prem’s lives respectively. Confusion becomes the conflict in the script. Alishka and Samaira keep getting confused signals when Prem and Raja happens to come in front of them at different points of time. Kissing becomes an integral part of the screenplay whenever the leading girls meet the boys. The film also takes a dig at various actors by using their dialogue delivery style viz. Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh etc. What happens in the film and how the story moves further is known to us. But yes, please do watch the full film for the climax scene, which has a surprise in store for the viewers.

    Varun as Prem and Raja does get maximum screen time. Tapasee certainly tries her hand in comedy after Pink, Naam Shabana, and she is good as well as far s her comic timing is concerned, but she had nothing much to do. Jacqueline does that in which she is good at i.e. giggling. Anupam Kher as Samara’s father Bakshi, Rajpal Yadav as Raja’s friend Nandu, Pavan Malhotra as Officer Dhillon, Ali Asgar as Doctor, Vivan Bhatena as Alex, one of the villain, are all underutilized in the film. Johnny Lever just appears for a scene. One of the weakest link is Samaira’s mother’s character portrayed by Upasana Singh on screen. Her character is so poorly sketched, who is shown to be flirting with her daughter’s boyfriend.

    Judwaa 2 is not a great entertainer in spite of Varun Dhawan’s terrific performance. The sensibilities of the audience towards a film or the plot have already changed in last twenty years. Many jokes, or situations of the earlier version seemed absolutely out of context, misfit and irrelevant. So, one of the pertinent questions which arise is whether this remake of Judwaa 2 was required at all or not.

    October 03, 17