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Shorgul is a political drama, based on real life incidents that rocked the Nation with headlining news in the past. The film is set on the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh bringing to light sensitive subjects that have occurred in our country. In addition, it brings out some controversial Political Mind Games & Master strokes of high profile dignitaries.In the Movie, an Innocent Friendship between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl rapidly escalates into a political minefield, causing unrest and chaos in the state.The matter snowballs in an interesting series of events and takes an unexpected turn, becoming a national issue in question.Wikipedia

Shorgul Reviews

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


Shorgul is reduced to a clichéd melodrama with its bloody clashes between the sword-wielding `Musalmaans’ and `trishul-dhaari’ Hindus.

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


If you aren’t familiar with what happened in 2013, or were looking for a new perspective on the incident, Shorgul isn’t for you. The movie is a disappointment.

Reviewer Profile
Deccan Chronicle


Instead, the dramatisation of events insipidly tries to answer a few questions. Considering the film’s impressive cast and compelling message, I was willing to cast aside many downers that the film’s narrative is saddled with. But couldn’t overcome its preachy didactic and facile dramatisation of quite a few nuanced real-life tales.

Shorgul had the potential to be a great movie but directors Jitendra Tiwari and P Singh seem lazy and incompetent.

Shorgul is so horridly ham-handed that it merits no rating as a film. But for the statement that it strives to make, no matter how feebly and incoherently, it deserves one star. And that is all it's worth.

Mohar Basu
Times Of India


Is the film gritty? No. Is it emotional? No. Is the love story worth the bloodshed? No. Is it worth your money? You know the answer. Give this frivolous fare a miss!

While the intentions may have been in the right place, the real voice of “Shorgul” is lost in melodrama and fake blood.

Shorgul is a missed opportunity! The film is white noise with all possible cliches from a political drama clubbed with hard-hitting issues rolled into dramatic dialogues.

Devarsi Ghosh
India Today


Shorgul deserves a watch, more so because of its topicality in this putrid climate of communal hatred and intolerance.


Shorgul tries to tell a tale of merit. But the methods it employs to tell its story are so jaded, you just lose your faith in the film. The movie ends with Sanjay Suri, (portraying a CM's role that's a spin-off on Uttar Pradesh head Akhilesh Yadav) taking a dig at democracy. The tone is that the CM was helpless as he could merely sit and watch a tragedy unfold. Oddly, its a sentiment that mirrors the film's audience's experience too.


SHORGUL is nothing but a hopeless political drama that gets played on our T.V. Channels just to fill the slot.

Outdated in its approach, and tacky in its handling, ‘Shorgul’ disappoints on more counts than one. Even though the intention might be to bring a gritty true story to life, it shows less guts and more compromise in the final product.


The Muzaffarnagar riots are a blot on contemporary history and the wounds from that blaze are yet to heal. It is almost criminal to use references to this human tragedy to draw audiences into a deafening, unimaginative, ordinary film.

Manisha Lakhe


Do you have nothing better to do than watch a story about a small town burning and killing and raping people over religion? Can you be so bored that you could watch cliches in character and dialog? Then this movie might satisfy you and give you the despair you are craving for.


The weak plot and its amateurish maneuverings frequently bring us to a state where badly choreographed scenes of mayhem and rioting are met with nothing more than hollow, long-winded speeches about insaaniyat. It gets to us after a while, because the depth that such a subject warrants here is as thin as a Jimmy Shergill mooch! Also, the song interjections do precious little to keep us engaged.

Zee News


Considering the subject had tremendous potential if well-handled, "Shorgul" makes noise, which all hear, but no one listens to.

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