• Using humor and pathos, it raises pertinent questions. You’ll be happy to spend two hours in the company of these ladies.

  • Mehul S Thakkar
    Mehul S Thakkar
    Deccan Chronicle


    …there are times when the movie, despite interesting narration of every character, appears to be running in all directions. But the real essence of the movie is always maintained. When the movies goes get serious towards the end, the visuals and the well-written dialogues will leave a shock value. It is not a predictable Hindi movie with clichés. You grow with the characters and their journey is very much identifiable.

  • Considering the treatment it got by the censor board, I don’t know if Angry Indian Goddesses changes anything. Still, it’s so good to see a film that revels in womanhood as much as this one. 

  • Angry Indian Goddesses is a must-see and not only because it is unlike anything Hindi cinema has produced before.

    It strikes a fine and rare balance between thematic gravitas and breezy entertainment.

  • Angry Indian Goddesses is a film that explores womanhood in a brilliant manner. Yes, we are women who discuss sex, who are irritated of fighting over equality, who know how to deal with a pervert, who can juggle being Kaali, Lakshmi, Saraswati (goddesses) and that is exactly what we see.

  • Angel Rani
    Angel Rani
    Deccan Herald


    Angry Indian Goddesses charts an unprecedented path. It would have set a benchmark had it not settled for a mainstream climax.

  • For long we have been treated with heroines as objects of desire, to be just a decorative piece in a film that has the male as the super star. There have been female-oriented films in between. THE DIRTY PICTURE, KAHAANI and QUEEN for instance. AIG takes several steps forward. The women hold centre-stage and it is a very brave man who comes in for a brief moment and sparkles with his act. No qualms in playing eight fiddle.

  • Watch it you must, for the attempt made to highlight some real issues yet presented in a light, entertaining manner.

  • Subhash K Jha
    Subhash K Jha


    This is  a wonderful wonderful film with moments and performances that I will cherish forever. What stays long after the film is its admirable equanimity in portraying gender equations. If men ogle at women as though by birthright, here women to attain orgasmic contentment watching the shirtless boynextdoor wash his car.

  • Preeti Kulkarni
    Preeti Kulkarni
    Bollywood Life


    Go, watch this film anyway for this is a very unlikely Hindi film coming your way. It is brilliant how the film manages to balance the deep-shit, intense situations with cool-ass, breezy moments! The film is a must watch for men and women alike.

  • Kunal Guha
    Kunal Guha
    Mumbai Mirror


    AIG’s selling point is the honesty with which the leading women approach their characters and the uncontainable chutzpah they exude.

  • Harsh Dev
    Harsh Dev


    Movies like Angry Indian Goddesses are honest renditions of sensible storytellers like Nalin and in times like today’s this movie holds immense relevance as it asks certain tough questions about our society that we need to answer soon. It also in a way provides more power to our women by affirming that ‘only by breaching the societal curfew will they truly claim their place in this world’.

  • Book your tickets right away if you want to see a well made, relatable and a realistic film which is quite a rarity nowadays.

  • Rahul Desai
    Rahul Desai


    Make no mistake – this film could only have been about Indian women. It lays bare their inherent battles without being too gimmicky, pretentious or offering immediate solutions.