• The original film, although entirely plagiarized, had a charming innocence to complement its outrageous humor. This one is dead dull, and a total waste of two precious hours.

  • Shubhra Gupta
    Shubhra Gupta
    Indian Express


    This sequel is tired and flat. Vinay Pathak is a brilliant comic, but here his constant widening of the eyes and his whinny of a laugh is more grating than funny.

  • Nikhat Kazmi
    Nikhat Kazmi
    Times Of India


    You do end up a few shades disappointed with the sequel, specially since the first part was such a scintillating act. The humour is laid back, the laughs are too few and far between and the tango between Vinay Pathak and Kay Kay Menon lacks the chemistry that crackled between Pathak and Rajat Kapoor in part one.

  • Mayank Shekhar
    Mayank Shekhar
    Hindustan Times


    This one makes you believe in benefits of plagiarism alone. Knock-offs have delivered for Indians, fine films in the past.

  • While the makers would want to believe they have an intelligent product centring on bizarre and daft protagonists’, it ironically lands their film being inadvertently resembling the very same people — brainless bummers.

  • IANS


    Unwittingly thus, “Bheja Fry 2” becomes a metaphor for what is wrong with popular Indian comedy today, unlike the comedies of the 1960s and 1970s: lack of fresh ideas and creative talents with the sense and timing enough to execute it.

  • Bheja Fry 2 lives up to its name, deep-frying your head with its bland existence two times over. Bellary has said in an interview that he wasn’t keen on Bheja Fry 3. Thank God for small mercies.

  • On the whole, Bheja Fry 2 is not at all a worthy sequel to Bheja Fry. Since the film, designed as a comedy, does not create too much laughter, it will fail to make its mark at the box-office.

  • Taran Adarsh
    Taran Adarsh
    Bollywood Hungama


    On the whole, BHEJA FRY 2 rides on a triumphant brand, but one expects a laudable follow up in terms of hilarity and entertainment. Besides, it should’ve taken the movie-watching experience to the next level. Sadly, it doesn’t!

  • BHEJA FRY 2 makes your bheja ache. Not funny!

  • Prateeksha Khot
    Prateeksha Khot


    You can safely give this one a miss. Watch this only if you want to get your Bheja fried.