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Bodyguard is a 2011 Indian action film directed by Siddique. The daughter of a wealthy nobleman secretly falls in love with her bodyguard.Wikipedia

Bodyguard Reviews


No question it's going to make a lot of money at the box-office, but you have to be a die-hard fan to forgive this film its many flaws. The rest must resign themselves to the fact that there's truth in that dialogue Aditya Pancholi's character says about our hero in the film: "Iska time accha chal raha hai".

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


‘Bodyguard’ sparks only when Salman is slamming ‘em off the walls, with his trademark smile and snarl.

Nikhat Kazmi
Times Of India


The film, a remake of a South Indian hit, may end up as another blockbuster, like most Salman films have been doing in the recent past. Yet, sadly, this one's mostly bluster.

When it comes to a Salman Khan movie, reviews or opinions hardly matter. There are die hard fans who would even watch a three hour film if Salman were to stare at the cracks in a ceiling all the while. So, once again we have Salman’s shirt coming off (this time water gushing from pipe which unbuttons his shirt) displaying his biceps, abs and a well shaved chest, before he can beat the bad guys to pulp.

Mayank Shekhar
Hindustan Times


So, how's it? Whatever. To be fair. That's what it was supposed to be.

Before slumping into a silly space of trashy humour and hasty sentimentality, Bodyguard intermittently comes alive with a swashbuckling Sallu engaging in some SFX-aided action.

Bodyguard is an out-and-out Salman Khan film meant to be taken in the festive spirit of the season. Love it or lump, chances are that its backers will be laughing all the way to that bank while you, if you aren’t willing to give its excesses a long rope, will be tearing your hair out in exasperation.


Even Salman Khan isn’t reason enough to endure Bodyguard. Pity.


On the whole, Bodyguard had the germs to become a super-hit fare but it remains a good fare mainly because its script looks contrived and too convenient at places. All the same, it will prove to be a box-office hit because of several extraneous factors going in its favour – Salman Khan riding the wave of popularity, its release on the festive occasion of Eid and the public’s hunger for larger than life star-studded entertainment as there has been no such real entertainer since five weeks, which has resulted in an earth-shattering opening.

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


On the whole, BODYGUARD works for varied reasons -- it has a simple, but captivating story with a dramatic twist in the tale, the chemistry between the lead actors is perfect and the music is well juxtaposed in the narrative. But its biggest USP is, without doubt, Salman Khan. He carries the film on his broad and brawny shoulders and that alone is the imperative reason for watching this film. BODYGUARD should emerge his third festive hit and fourth super-success at the ticket window. Expect a hurricane called BODYGUARD to strike at the box-office.


It's Salman all the way with Kareena Kapoor bringing in the brilliance of Geet from JAB WE MET. Mention must be made of Tsunami, a character who entertains without being a jerk.

Amrita Tanna


Bodyguard is a film which, although fitting to the season and celebration of Eid, may find it hard to create and leave a mark with the audiences. It’s a movie which will be known for its light-hearted scenes more than those with the dishoom-dishoom, if remembered at all.


The first half of the film flows smoothly while the second half grips you with its unexpected twists.

Audience Reviews for Bodyguard

  • Ajay lawyer
    Ajay lawyer
    85 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    very dramatic ,humour and emotional

    July 24, 17
  • Prashast Singh
    Prashast Singh
    34 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    I had never expected this from Salman Khan. After watching Ready, I had
    never thought that he would make such a disappointing film. A big
    disappointment overall! In other words, "Bodyguard" has no Bodyguard
    for the film and due to it the film got ruined.

    I have a belief that action movies never fail to entertain , but this
    myth was broken after I watched this film. I will not say anything more
    as I have already described what the film it is- a mindless entertainer
    with nonsense comedy and a few good action scenes. At least,there would
    have been a few jokes and focus on the story, but however even the
    junked story does not work well at all.

    Neither Salman nor his body made it a film. This film can't be compared
    to his previous blockbusters as this is not even a film. The worst film
    of the year!

    July 17, 17