• I’m going with two out of five for Escape Plan. Stallone and Schwarznegger deserve better. And so do we.

  • Anupama Chopra
    Anupama Chopra


    There are enough twists, turns and built-in nostalgia to make this reasonably fun. I’m going with two and a half stars.

  • Escape Plan is a two-man show. If you’ve loved the Terminator and Rambo series, you will love this.

    If you didn’t, it’s an entertaining yet forgettable ride.

  • What’s good about Escape Plan is that it is clean and not at all contemptuous till the very end.
    Watch it if you are Stallone or Schwarzenegger fans.

  • he action is routine but the way they plan the escape is interesting and inspired. These guys may be old, but they sure know their chops and can still deal the dice, old-school style.

  • Rohit Khilnani
    Rohit Khilnani
    India Today


    It’s strictly for Sly and Arnie’s fans! Escape Plan is a good DVD watch!

  • Sachin Chatte
    Sachin Chatte
    The Navhind Times


    The prospect of seeing two action heroes of the stature of Stallone and Arnie would have been extremely exciting a couple of decades ago, than it is now. But even though they don’t hold the same command at the box office and among their fans, they still generate enough buzz for old times sake. The premise is interesting but it never really hits a high. Their attempts and planning look a bit far fetched and needed some polishing. The finale has a twist but again is not the most convincing one. Relatively, Expendables was far more fun because it was not so serious.