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Guest Iin London

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A young couple in London who are in a live-in relationship, struggle to co-exist with their bothersome guests who seem to overstay their welcome.Wikipedia

Guest Iin London Reviews

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


Do you think crude jokes should be strewn liberally in your weekly flick fix? Should a gag, abysmally executed in the first place, be stretched out like a rubber band to keep you rolling in the aisles?Then Guest Iin London is just the ticket for you.

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


Nothing can save this Paresh Rawal, Kartik Arayan film when it features songs on farts.

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


Nothing can save this Paresh Rawal, Kartik Arayan film when it features songs on farts.

Rohit Bhatnagar
Deccan Chronicle


Guest Iin London is avoidable but if in case you don’t get tickets for Mom, you can dare to watch this one but be ready to experience unsolicited farts for 138 minutes.

What can you say about a Paresh Rawal comedy where only Sanjay Mishra offers comic relief...

Reviewer Profile
Times Of India


The funniest thing about this comedy is just how angry it can make you. Guest iin London, like its titular protagonist, is a burden no one should have to bear.

It’s a khichdi of a film which leads nowhere. It tries to be funny but it is not, it tries to get people’s sympathy but fails there too, it tries to get serious and then again funny— the audience is super bored meanwhile. Better to avoid these guests.


Guest Iin London is shot entirely in foreign locations, so there's a bit of a fresh vibe to the setting. While that works in favour of the film, the comedy just isn't good enough. Ajay Devgn makes a brief cameo, but despite all attempts at making this film a masala entertainer, it never manages to rise above a trite script and some lackluster execution. Even if this film had good music, there would've been a silver lining to talk about. But there are no such redeeming qualities at all. 


Lazy, lame and painfully unfunny yawn com...

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...with the added layers of annoyance, Guest in London is in line to win the award for the worst film of the year.

Manisha Lakhe


Guest Iin London is supposed to be a comedy, but laden with offensive jokes, Paresh Rawal's farts and poorly scripted characters, the film is painful to watch.

India Glitz


'Guest Iin London' is like a stale sequel which leave a bad taste for a long time.

Sreeju Sudhakaran
Bollywood Life


If you loved Athithi Tum Kab Jaoge, you better skip this one, for this is nothing but a poor, low-quality reboot of the 2010 movie.



While some of jokes work swimmingly for example Rawal's entry gag where he brings an entire organization to a standstill while escorting his wife up the elevator, other gags simply apart. Much like the guests who overstay their welcome, come of the jokes also go on for too long. As writer-director Ashwni Dheer's roots are in television several plot point read like episodes from a television sitcom.

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Makes You Cringe In Your Seats With Its Shitty Ideas For Laughs!


Thumbs Down for Mediocre Plot, Clichéd Humor and Illogical Climax

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