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Mumbai 125 KM 3D

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Five friends on an innocent joy ride are forced to stop 125 kilometers away from Mumbai where they encounter something that would change their lives forever.Wikipedia

Mumbai 125 KM 3D Reviews

Renuka Vyavahare
Times Of India


...film is somewhat like a Bollywoodised version of the Final Destination series. As horror, it partially works but as a slasher, gets too monotonous and repetitive...old wine in an old bottle.


As for the film, I left trying to figure out what it was mid-way through the first half. Just to borrow a dialogue from the film I would like to ask the director, ''What the hell is this?''

Through the movie, the friends keep asking each other, ‘What the hell is this?’ as they stumble upon something or the other on the road. Really. What the hell is this?

Bottomline - The film did scare. Not it's story and technique, but the fact that it released.

Daily Bhaskar
Daily Bhaskar


Mumbai 125 KM is just another Bollywood’s attempt to make a horror flick that does absolutely no justice to horror as a genre. The story revolves around 5 friends who leave for Mumbai in a car and start witnessing spooky things once they are just 125 km away from the city.


If horror, ghosts and eerie nocturnal elements like bats and graveyards are your thing, catch this movie at your nearest cinema. This movie gives a new spin to an age-old formula. Since it is in 3D, you can truly experience the visual horror.

Bollywood Life
Bollywood Life


Mumbai 125km is a must watch for those willing to attempt suicide. If Veena Malik’s skin show is all you care about, then this film is for you. On a second thought, you might even enjoy the film with your gang of besties, cracking jokes and laughing at the sad state of horror films in Indian cinema.

Rahul Desai
Mumbai Mirror


The 3D, worthless as ever, isn't post-converted for a change, with the use of stereoscopic cameras. This is a schoolboy error because the entire film is shot at night. The filmmakers try to overcompensate by lighting up every scene like the moon (you can literally see the source), thereby making this look like a grainy animated disaster.

Audience Reviews for Mumbai 125 KM 3D

  • Amrita Barnwal
    Amrita Barnwal
    1 review

    With weak direction, regular story and average acting, the thing that makes Mumbai 125 KM (3D) is its excellent 3D cameras and Dolby sound effects. I would recommend you to watch the film for once.

    October 17, 14