• Although the film is based on Neeraj Grover murder case, it does not show anything beyond what`s already known. In fact, RGV sticks to fiction and fictionalizes almost all the characters.

  • On the whole, Not A Love Story has limited appeal. It is more for the classes, that too in the big cities, than for the masses. It has curiosity value more than entertainment value and although its biggest plus point is its limited budget, it lacks the merits to score at the box-office.

  • Rachana


    NOT A LOVE STORY is not a bad film!

  • Subhash K Jha
    Subhash K Jha


    You leave the film with the painful sound of crashing dreams reverberating in your ears.

  • Taran Adarsh
    Taran Adarsh
    Bollywood Hungama


    On the whole, NOT A LOVE STORY shocks and stuns, which only goes to prove how impactful the film is. But, most importantly, it reiterates the age-old adage, anger is short-lived madness and how things can change for worse at the spur of the moment. It must be said that NOT A LOVE STORY is amongst Ramgopal Varma’s best works. An intense mindbender, NOT A LOVE STORY is a wonderful illustration of how the accurate approach to storytelling can levitate a film. Try not to miss this one!

  • Mayank Shekhar
    Mayank Shekhar
    Hindustan Times


    Moving images can cause a genuine migraine to some. At least the ones in this film could.

  • Raja Sen
    Raja Sen


    This is a film made in bad taste, and — with apologies to Mr Capote — in old blood.

  • Nikhat Kazmi
    Nikhat Kazmi
    Times Of India


    Gory, yes but Not A Love Story is an interesting study of the darker and more devious spots of friendly neighbourhood types.

  • The lovers are anything but loveable characters. And this tale is a tragedy woven around the ugly face of love. Downbeat? Yes. But it’s engaging and watchable – if for nothing else, for the flashes of the RGV of yore.

  • Shubhra Gupta
    Shubhra Gupta
    Indian Express


    All we are left with is the detritus, of the body, and a film that could have delved into the minds of those whose lives unravel when a crime of passion occurs.

  • When Not A Love Story started, it seemed like it was a bad film so enjoyable that it could be recommended. But soon, you realise that this kind of skullduggery wouldn’t be advisable for anyone. As the low-held Canon 5D follows Mahie Gill’s bosom, or is placed strategically below her legs, you are sickened by the desperate attempt at titillation.

  • It’s far from Varma’s best work, but it’s not entirely unwatchable.