• Shubhra Gupta
    Shubhra Gupta
    Indian Express


    Sachin Tendulkar biopic has moments that you have not seen before, especially with his parents and elder brother, his wife and children and his coach.

  • If you’re a believer, you’ll smile, sob and love this, albeit because of the subject and not the film itself. Film, in fact, is an inadequate word. This is a pilgrimage.

  • If you’re a Tendulkar worshipper, you were probably sold at the first poster itself. But nevertheless, the docudrama will be a treat for you. It’ll be like a nostalgia ride, one for the good, wherein you’ll find yourself smiling, sighing and sobbing along with Tendulkar.

  • Rohit Bhatnagar
    Rohit Bhatnagar
    Deccan Chronicle


    Overall, it is a good watch, but at the end, it’s a documentary which is a compilation of his real-life footages. The idea of promoting it as a film is a little weird. It is like any other documentary made on several sportspersons that are available online. Or perhaps it’s Sachin’s vast popularity across the globe that the director thought of the idea of making it.

  • Meena Iyer
    Meena Iyer
    Times Of India


    Academically though this film is important one because for a nation that revers cricket, it serves as a reminder that prodigies may be born, but they become Sachin Tendulkar only through perseverance, patience and preparation. Go India go.

  • DNA Web Team
    DNA Web Team
    DNA India


    Sachin: A Billion Dreams is a must watch. It weaves in the tale of India, Cricket and Tendulkar and the amalgamation is breath taking.

  • Sachin:A Billion Dreams is a treat for Sachin Tendulkar fans. It’s realistic, emotional and highly inspiring. It will probably make you miss him even more on field!

  • Devarsi Ghosh
    Devarsi Ghosh
    India Today


    All in all, there is nothing about Sachin Tendulkar in Sachin: A Billion Dreams that you did not already know. That there are no grey areas in the film can be an issue to only one of two kinds of people in the world. The rest don’t need to read the review.

  • Rachit Gupta
    Rachit Gupta


    Sachin: A Billion Dreams does well when it establishes India’s greatest modern hero as a son fueled by the kindness and spirit of his father. This humanization of sorts, of the God of cricket, is a rare event. That’s reason enough to watch and relish this remarkable film on a man who’s inspired billions in the last 28 years.

  • Vishal Verma
    Vishal Verma


    If cricket is religion and Sachin Tendulkar is God than SACHIN: A BILLION DREAMS is the offering (Prasad) that every follower of cricket and Sachin should take without fail. – See more at: http://www.glamsham.com/movies/reviews/sachin-a-billion-dreams-movie-review.asp#sthash.K5cExoxE.dpuf

  • Mohar Basu
    Mohar Basu


    Erskine paints a palpable picture of Tendulkar, gently revealing his psyche through the lulls in his life, expressing his excitement when the time was good, and how the cricketer sought solace in music, vada pav and the almighty. His teammates play strong supporting roles as the film climaxes with the momentous 2011 World Cup win, and his stirring retirement speech. What you’ll watch in theatres is not just another movie. It’s India’s biggest success story, that of a curly mopped kid conquering the nation’s heart.

  • IndiaGlitz
    India Glitz


    ‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams’ is like a lifetime innings which should not be missed by everyone who knows and love Sachin Tendulkar.

  • Sreeju Sudhakaran
    Sreeju Sudhakaran
    Bollywood Life


    Sachin: A Billion Dreams is easily the best movie on cricket, and whether you are a Sachin Tendulkar fan or not, you will find tears flowing through the sides of your cheeks at the end of the film.

  • IANS


    For telling it like it is, for giving the national hero a befitting cinematic homage and for opening up the vistas of dreams that every working class youngster lives and dies with, Sachin: A Billion Dreams deserves a standing ovation. For giving us a documentary that is neither dry nor pedantic nor over-eulogistic, the entire team of this film deserves a “We Love Sachin” sweat-shirt each…. Signed by the man.

  • A fan or not – Sachin: A Billion Dreams is a must watch for every Indian. It will inspire you to chase your dreams and fill your heart with immense pride.

  • Madhuri


    Whether a Sachin Tendulkar fan or not, this film will leave you cheering and hooting for sure along with some nostalgia dripping!
    You will realize what was it about this Mumbai boy that made one of the greatest batsman of all times, Sir Donald Bradman once say, ‘I see myself when I see Sachin batting’.
    In a nutshell, Sachin makes us fall in love with him all over again!

  • While many may come and go, but the name Sachin Tendulkar will always be written in golden words in the history of Indian cricket. A genius may be born, but it takes dedication, perseverance and patience to be Sachin Tendulkar. So all you Sachin fanatics, it’s time to pay ode to your living legend. Go India, enchant ‘Sachin Sachin’ while coming out of the theatres once again.

  • For the cricket and Sachin lovers (synonymous in most cases), this one is an experience worth spending time and money on in the theater. And I am not quarreling with that view just because I prefer biopics to documentaries as a personal choice.